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    i'm a idiot i need to learn to type rsync. sorry community
  2. djdex


    This might be a easy one unraid 6.6.5 it says -bash: rysnc: command not found what am i missing here or how can i re install
  3. Super long time user of unraid love it......until today.... i am getting a Disk disabled contents emulated error, but I never even did anything . Zip file attached. I can't get that damn red x off. If I need to buy a new drive I can. Smart has passed. help please, I can buy coffee!
  4. the most info i found its a tracker and some thing is randomly inserting torrents in deluge and downloading them
  5. so some one is accessing my server? and just downloading in deluge? i have my server passworded. yes ports are open 8112 is one of them but that is normal in all deluge
  6. what do i do? i only use 1 private torrent site? is my unraid at risk? i have had unraid for almost 9 years i think and never had this issue
  7. i'm having a issue i reinstalled deluge. but for some reason i'm getting random torrenets form milkie? show up? and added is that happening to anyone else