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  1. I have 4 drives plus 1 parity, so 5 in total. all 3tb. I have one drive that was at 71% after some time its not at 67% All the data on it was video and the files associated to those videos that tiny media manager downloads for them like posters .nfo and such. I cant imagine those files ever changing. But the drive is clearly showing a lower utilization. Does unraid move the files around to balance the drives? Is there a way to see how files are being moved around or altered? Since I actively add things to the array I cant determine "yes, that percentage when to that drive". I ap
  2. I have a newish unriad server up and running many dockers and vms all for my private use. I however would like to reverse proxy with a domain name I currently have with namecheap. This is self hosted at home so I want to protect or seperate what i have choosen to risk and what cannot be (personal cell phones computers anything else on the network. I have a thought i could make a proxy of some sort with routing tables that would only allow dockers i choose and vms to be accessed essentially containing connections. Hope that sort of makes sense so far. Namecheap does provide ddns services so do
  3. Looks like it was an error and he fixed it. Thanks Spaceinvaderone
  4. Git shows a commit earlier today that seems to have the contents of his other containers xml file. I looked and struggled for a while too.