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  1. Happy Bday! I love Unraid as it keeps my data secure, ability to run multiple VMs (both Windows and Linux), ability to run dockers and etc. It simply make my life so much easier!!! I wish I can have have Unraid for Laptop,... cmon do it! Do it!!!
  2. scorcho99, did you manage to make this work? I want to change the Hibernate button to Saved state. That way I can just start the VM and get back to my work straight away... Is there a way to change how the default setting works?
  3. Thanks, but isn't that provide a security hole to the encrypted drive? i.e. An unauthorised user can login to the gui, use the docker - like Krusader and see the encrypted files? Is there a docker/plugins that would provide access control? Even to just provide one logon (like root password) to protect the Web GUI. Thanks, I did setup a root password. To access the direct GUI (not //tower) after boot, I need to enter the root password. But I use several browsers (including the incognito mode) and I am still able to access the //tower without entering any password...
  4. No, actual 2GB USB sticks as it is only a test array to speed up the parity build, etc. I precleared using the plugin, then attached them into the array as per normal, then formatted them (before this I also set the default filesystem to xfs-encrypted). Yes, exactly. That's the thing I don't know how to limit access to other users to the //tower. I know how to limit certain share to certain users but not to the //tower... may be I am missing something, but I can't find anything in the manual to do this....
  5. Hey Unraid-ers, I have few questions in regards encryption. I am a long-term user of TrueCrypt then VeraCrypt for Windows but now with my Unraid array in operation I am testing few encryption scenarios with the intention to move all my VeraCrypt files to Unraid. I am testing this on another PC using 2GB USBs (otherwise it will take to long to rebuild the array and perform parity check). I setup 4 drives (2 xfs based and 2 xfs-encrypted) as I only need to encrypt less than half of my files (namely financial data, documents, etc). And if something happen to my array, I can still recover the non-encrypted portion of my array. With the encrypted files, I do make regular backup on cloud/external storage as well, so minimal chance of losing critical data. Now I have watched the awesome Spaceinvader One's video but I am a bit uncertain on few things: 1. Can I partially encrypt my array? Will that cause any security issue? 2. I encrypted 2 usb drives with xfs-encrypted by changing the default file system to xfs-encrypted but in the Main page (GUI) after pre-clean, formatting and attaching them to the array, they still say xfs, is that a normal behaviour? Also, I don't see the padlock sign like the video. 3. I restarted and rebooted the array few times to test it, and everytime it asked me to enter the passphrase, but I can enter any/new passphrase? Is that normal? When using TC or VC, I need to enter the same passphrase. 4. If somehow, I decided to take an encrypted disk from the array, is there an application that will allow me to see and transfer the files (obviously after entering the correct passphrase) ala TC/VC? 5. I can already limit the access to the encrypted shares (let's call it "secret" share) to other PCs in my network by changing the access level in SHARES, but I can't find any feature to block users from accessing the //tower in UNRAID. A user can still see what those files are by going to //tower and run the Krusader docker. Is there a away to limit access to //tower? Thanks in advance for reading, and if you by chance know the answer and want to reply, even more thanks!