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  1. @Constructor thanks, had a look, I have reduced my memory bandwidth as per the article, no impact. Will try updating my BIOS, seems like AMD has issue the new AGESA patch and my issue seems to relate to the PCI driver (which should in theory relates to the BIOS)...
  2. Any comments from the Developers? Any troubleshooting methodology that the Developers can recommend?
  3. 6pm update: 1. Updated my motherboard bios to the latest 2. Magically this allow me to boot into the GUI again, not because there is an issue with the firmware but because the BIOS update reset my system and disable all virtualization stuffs... somehow this allow me to get back to the GUI again... 3. Clear my config file, etc to tidy things up, and get the boot stable again and turning on all the virtualization stuffs again - AMD-V 4. But now, I encountered a new problem, I can start my Windows 10 VM using VNC but I can't get this to work with GPU passthrough. It was workin
  4. Hi Frank, 1. Console, i type diagnostic and it outputs the file 2. It is in the logs folder. I found it after I use windows pc to browse the usb stick Cheers.
  5. I managed to do a chkdsk and fixed the error -> Try to reboot my server again, didn't work I then copied the previous folder to the main/root folder -> Still doesn't work, the localhost still refuse to connect and display the GUI But I managed to do a diagnostic (now attached), any help would be appreciated! Note: I am unsure why the date is showing Feb 15? I can only tell that's the latest diagnostic file that I did....
  6. Thanks, I have to plug it to my windows machine then. I'll do it tomorrow morning, to late to do this at this hour.... I will post back how it goes....
  7. Thanks Frank, where is the location of the previous folder? Is it in /usr ?
  8. I wish I can do that through the Web GUI, it doesn't work currently (can't connect to the GUI). Is there a way to do it through command prompt?
  9. Thanks for the reply... Yes, I should've done diagnostic but it is too late now. What version were you on before upgrading? It is 6.6.7 Did you stress test (e.g. run a preclear cycle) your drives before adding to the array? Yeap, all good, using the preclear plugin Your issue with booting looks to be a problem with the USB stick. Are you able to plug it into another (Windows) computer and run a disk check? - I can try, it is booting but then failed to load the necessary stuff to load the UNRAID GUI... Is your stick USB 3.0 or 2.0? Are you using USB 3
  10. I am at my wits end, this is the second time when I tried to upgrade and the whole thing went wrong. First time, it killed a drive and then I rolled back, encounter zero issue since then. After a while a prompt showing that I should upgrade to minimise some login vulnerability so I upgraded to the latest 6.8.3 (I think, I can't my server now). 1. First, it killed a functional almost 6 months old - 4TB drive. One of my VM just hang and when I reboot, one of the drive is showing an error and requiring me to rebuild the array. (note: this happened last time as well when I tried to upg
  11. Happy Bday! I love Unraid as it keeps my data secure, ability to run multiple VMs (both Windows and Linux), ability to run dockers and etc. It simply make my life so much easier!!! I wish I can have have Unraid for Laptop,... cmon do it! Do it!!!
  12. scorcho99, did you manage to make this work? I want to change the Hibernate button to Saved state. That way I can just start the VM and get back to my work straight away... Is there a way to change how the default setting works?
  13. Thanks, but isn't that provide a security hole to the encrypted drive? i.e. An unauthorised user can login to the gui, use the docker - like Krusader and see the encrypted files? Is there a docker/plugins that would provide access control? Even to just provide one logon (like root password) to protect the Web GUI. Thanks, I did setup a root password. To access the direct GUI (not //tower) after boot, I need to enter the root password. But I use several browsers (including the incognito mode) and I am still able to access the //tower without entering any password...
  14. No, actual 2GB USB sticks as it is only a test array to speed up the parity build, etc. I precleared using the plugin, then attached them into the array as per normal, then formatted them (before this I also set the default filesystem to xfs-encrypted). Yes, exactly. That's the thing I don't know how to limit access to other users to the //tower. I know how to limit certain share to certain users but not to the //tower... may be I am missing something, but I can't find anything in the manual to do this....
  15. Hey Unraid-ers, I have few questions in regards encryption. I am a long-term user of TrueCrypt then VeraCrypt for Windows but now with my Unraid array in operation I am testing few encryption scenarios with the intention to move all my VeraCrypt files to Unraid. I am testing this on another PC using 2GB USBs (otherwise it will take to long to rebuild the array and perform parity check). I setup 4 drives (2 xfs based and 2 xfs-encrypted) as I only need to encrypt less than half of my files (namely financial data, documents, etc). And if something happen to my array, I can still reco