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  1. Tested and working properly with restarts with automatic torrent management. Thank you binhex. You always have the best dockers!
  2. If the update you are talking about is 4.1.5. I am running that right now as it is the most recent update listed on the qbittorrent website. This release still has the problem with automatic torrent management. I don't think the docker is to blame due to if you use the exit qbittorrent button in the menus it shutdowns the program from inside the docker. It automatically restarts and all torrents that have downloaded media that was not stalled does an auto recheck. I am not willing to enable the automatic torrent management function and test with the exit qbittorrent menu item as it takes 6 hours to recheck all my torrents, but I think the same thing will happen due to the automatic recheck that is happening.
  3. I was able to reproduce this after updating to the release with auto save management. I need help with this also. The only way to stop the move is to pause the docker, then move all move files from the appdata/binhex-qbittorrentvpn/qBittorrent back into the incomplete folder. Once the move is stopped, unpause the docker. Set all locations to the incomplete folder. Unpause all torrents. Then recheck all of them. I have had to fix this twice now. The docker is now unusable as I cannot stop my array or power down the server without a massive torrent recheck. I am sure this is a qbittorrent problem and not a binhex docker issue. If you set default torrent management to manual you can restart the docker just fine. You lose filing torrents by label but the docker behaves as how it was before the updates.