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  1. I got somewhere with this, completely forgot I did change out the RAM on this system about the same time as this-heaps of memory errors. I should be keeping a log of hardware changes & dates. Worth noting if anybody else sees this, seems there is a known bug in memtest 5.01 that causes a false positive lockup in some cases if you are testing it with multithreading.
  2. Hey All, My unraid has not been particularly stable, most off the issues that I think I had been having with it previously had been due to running BTRFS with my cache drive - seems like a good amount of people have not had the best luck with this. Cache drive replaced (XFS now) , docker apps re-installed - I thought I was in the clear until I have been noticing that overnight my system is becoming unresponsive, not responding to SSH. I have had this happen twice without the ability to view if anything has prompted me on the screen, unfortunately I was forced to reset t