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  1. I am having weird unpacking errors and wondering if anyone can check my logs as I have no idea where to start to ask what to do. I use and have for years. So there are unpacking or rar errors but I also seem to get sporadic Authorization or too many connections to newshosting. But then I'll get an ok download with no issues. It seems to be PAR unpacking errors mostly. I assume they are in the logs. I included a log of a file that seems to have the common issues. The forum gives me a -200 popup and won't let me upload the log here? So here is my NZBGET L
  2. That is the problem, I get the pop up but the terminal window is blank. "waiting..." and even with exceptions added to every browser I try, including my phone, I get nothing.
  3. How would one go about creating a log file to monitor the upload process? I see this on the --log-file string Also, for some strange reason I do not believe the script started when I start my array, ie. I don't see my Backblaze getting any larger. If I run a command to start in terminal will it stop if I close the terminal window?
  4. I have been using Terminal window perfectly fine until today when I click it pops up a new browser window that is not loading. It says about:blank in the bar and at bottom it is waiting for my Tower's ip. Nothing comes up. I reset my cookies for the ip address and tried 2 browsers. I can get in fine with putty but I liked the terminal for quick things.
  5. Is there a script or something I can type in terminal to watch the status of my rclone uploads? The only way I can see status is if I go into putty and log in and then type my "rclone copy /mnt/share...." Can I type anything in to get the upload screen?
  6. I have had Unraid for a few years now but I have always had trouble understanding the folder structure and how to set up plugins and dockers. I am almost finished setting up rclone with Backblaze B2. I have my account synced OK, (I spent weeks with Google Cloud and had to give up). The rclone instructions state this FROM B2 documentation HERE: Sync /home/local/directory to the remote bucket, deleting any excess files in the bucket. rclone sync /home/local/directory remote:bucket On my terminal, what do I type in to point rclone to my data? I have setup my remote: