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  1. My Lidarr docker has been working great for for about a year and since the last update I cannot access the WebGui (I get an unable to connect). I have done a stoped and restarted the container and done a force update with no luck. All of my other containers are running fine. Anything else I should try? Were there any issues reported with the last update?
  2. After I first upgraded to Unraid Nvidia 6.8rc9 it took a couple of minutes after the server booted up for me to get to the webUI, I could ping the server but just had to wait a bit to access the UI. Today when I upgrade to the 6.8 release I didn't notice the delay the UI refreshed tot he server login dialog fairly quickly. Try pinging the host to see if the network interface is alive.
  3. 6.8 RC9 is working fine for me right now. Enjoy your family, take care of what is important and we should all wait patiently for your 6.8 release. Thank you for what you do. BTW where can I donate to you and this wonderful project? I think everyone should get off your back and make a donation. Thank you!!!
  4. Okay as a troubleshooting step I pulled my Nvidia P2000 (passed to Plex docker) out and my 1050Ti passed to Win10 VM out and brought the system up normally on Unraid Nvidia 6.7.1. I shutdown (normally for a change) and reinstalled the P2000 only and brought the system up. It booted normally and I upgraded back to Nvidia 6.7.2 without issue, rebooted (no issues there) and the system is now up and running what appears to be normally with both Docker, VMS and APPS available again. I am going to run a parity check and let the system run without the 1050Ti card for a while to be sure everything is operating properly. I am building another PC and will test the 1050Ti in that before I attempt to replace it in the Unraid server. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any ideas on how to see what was actually going on? I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this and to trurl for replying.
  5. More troubleshooting, I pulled my Nvidia P2000 card out (the one passed through to my Plex Docker) and my Nvidia 1050Ti passed to my Win10 VM and the system booted normally and services started (Unraid Nvidia 6.7.1). I shutdown (normally for a change) and reinstalled my P2000 and brought the system back up and docker and VM started normally. I upgraded back to Nvidia 6.7.2 and restarted (normally again) and everything is back up and running. I am going to leave the 1050Ti out of the system and test it in another PC I am building to see if there are any issues with that card. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this with Nvidia Unraid?
  6. I restarted my Plex server yesterday and now several services such as Docker, VMS, APPS won't start, the system will not shutdown cleanly, etc. See this thread where I have put more details here: This seems related to Unraid Nvidia 6.7.2 as if I back the system back to regular Unraid 6.7.2 everything seems fine but when I convert back to Unraid Nvidia 6.7.2 I get the odd behavior with no Docker, VMS, etc. and the system will not cleanly shutdown. Can someone please provide some guidance on how to troubleshoot this issue? I have been running Nvidia 6.7.2 since it was released without issues and multiple reboots. I use the Nvidia version to passthrough a P2000 to my Plex docker. My system is built on a Threadripper 2920x. Any help you can offer would be very much appreciated. My diagnostics file is attached in the thread linked above Thank you EDIT - As a test I also tried Unraid Nvidia 6.7.1 with the same experience. I have a monitor on my console now and when the system is shutdown it keeps waiting for Docker to die.
  7. Okay trying to figure this out I installed regular 6.7.2 and the system came up, so whatever the problem is it appears to be related to the Unraid 6.7.2 which I have been running since it was released with no issues I guess I will post in that forum to see if they can help. I would still appreciate any help that can be offered as passing through to my P2000 from my Plex Docker is an important feature that I need on my server. Thank you
  8. I tried to shutdown the server this morning so I could run the chkdsk on the flash drive. I stopped the array (which actually seemed to be working okay as in I could access files from other systems) but it would never stop. I paused the Parity check which had completed about 75%. and that paused okay. The next step was to stop the array before the shutdown. It sat saying it was stopping the array for over a half hour. I then chose the shutdown option and it never powered down the system. I waited an additional 15 minutes and then forced a power off. I removed the flash drive and ran chkdsk on it twice and no errors were seen (Sandisk Ultra Fit 16gb) which was in a USB 3.0 port but I moved it to a USB 2 port. I am now running Memtest and am over 50% of the way through testing my 64gb of RAM with no errors. My system is running on a Ryzen Threadripper 2920X 12 Core CPU, with 64GB of RAM, ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming motherboard, Unraid Nvidia 6.7.2, dual Samsung 1TB 970 EVO NVMe M.2 drives for cache pool, 2 10TB WD hard drives for Parity and a mix of 8TB, 4TB, 3TB drives for data. I am passing through an Nvidia P2000 do my Plex Docker and another video card to a Win10 VM. This server has been running great since early March until the reboot yesterday. Any help troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated, I am kinda stumped on what may be stumbling. One thing I did notice the last time I brought it up is that the docker list did populate while the array was starting but once the array started it disappears. Also when Fix Common Problems ran overnight it detected one of my dockers had an update (only problem it detected other than one I get about Krusader). Thank you in advance for the help.
  9. My server is doing a party scan so I am going to wait until that completes before I shut it down to test the flash drive. Any other suggestions? Seems odd that Docker + VMs + Apps are all not working.
  10. I am running the same server/bios settings for months, several reboots with no issues. I have tried 3 different browsers on 2 different computers with same exact results, disabled adblocker. Will try chkdsk on flash drive but have zero other issues with it. I have rebooted the Unraid server a couple of times with no different symptoms. I have rebooted it several times in the past with no issues.
  11. My Unraid had been up and running for well over a month without any issues and today I shut it down and restarted it and when it came back up several things seemed to not be correct. The Array started without error but the following are not working: Docker - I get nothing but the Unraid logo bouncing on Docker tab VMS - This page has nothing APPS - Doesn't load application lists The only error I see is one of my empty array drives is shown an error. Please help, thank you Diagnostic file attached enterprise-diagnostics-20190820-1913.zip Partially solved - See Post #8.