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  1. after several failed attempts at cards that claim they will run 8th drives in unraid none have successfully seen my 8tb drives but it sees the 4tb drives just fine. Ive gotten a few some what discount cards because I didn't care much about speed but Ive had it. Whats a card that will run 8 and 10tb drives and will work great in unraid? im just going to spend the money and be done with it.
  2. so if I move the USB to the new system and have several blank 10tb drives there how would I add them into the array if 11 of the original drives are missing?
  3. my issue is that my old system has 12 drives in it and my new one cant take all the drives so i need to have both running to copy data from one to the other
  4. my old system has finally had it. it is an old netgear rackmount that takes a dozen drives that are a random mix of 1-4tb from every vendor. Its time to upgrade everything so I got a new desktop server that only takes a few drives and some 10tb drives that will hold everything I need in it. I read on how to migrate the license and all but I want to double check something. It says that it will blacklist the old drive. Will that kill it as soon as I do it or does it give it some time? I want to get the new system online, transfer my pro license into it, then migrate all of my data but I want to be sure its not going to nuke the old system right away. Also any other things I should be aware of while im doing this?