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  1. Don't you have to blacklist i915 module, so IGFX is not considered as an active display connection? That would explain why are you losing actual IPMI VGA remote console I guess.
  2. I don't use unraid yet, but I can confirm I have IPMI VGA remote console working alongside with working IGFX Quicksync or other 3D offloading tasks. This is working with either Windows physical machine or in ESXI where you setup Intel IGFX for passthrough so your VM can use Quicksync (tested with Windows VM) I was not able achieve simultaneous picture from IPMI VGA remote console and IGFX connected digital display though. Either IPMI VGA has active display or IGFX, but not both at same time, I guess this really BIOS limitation, but at least you should be able to use Quicksync with IPMI VGA remote console. X11SCA-F BIOS settings Primary Display : PCI Internal Graphics: Enable after reboot IGFX GOP Version is populated in BIOS. Other observations with this board someone could use. Passthrough of motherboard AHCI controller is possible with ESXI, but only when you boot your VM with BIOS. With EFI VM gets powered off. You can use HDD ATA Security with compatible drives (User HDD Password)
  3. Hi, can you check comments below this review: https://www.servethehome.com/supermicro-x11sca-f-review-for-intel-xeon-e-2100-and-core-i3-8300/3/ There is a comment about an option in BIOS, which could allow BMC graphics for KVM and IGPU for transcoding or passthrough to VM. What is not clear if BMC KVM remains accessible when this is option us set. I think BMC KVM will not work once IGPU is used in unraid (but should work during boot process?), but maybe it can? Can you please check and report your findings?