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  1. I thank you for taking the time to reach out on this. I feel more confused than ever today but in a good way. Here's what I've been experiencing. When you go to install the docker for Cloudberry there's three buttons on the bottom. Apply, Done, and Save. If I changed nothing and clicked on Done everything goes away and nothing installs. If I changed nothing and clicked on Save I get a screen of the xml file but nothing else happens. The odd thing is that for the last several days when I changed nothing and clicked on Apply that same xml file displayed and nothing happens. After you posted I decided to give things another try so just to be completely fresh I powered down and then booted and tried again and this time selecting apply started the install process. I haven't set up the backup yet but at least my docker is in now so I'm feeling relieved. I don't know if I have or had an issue with my server but if the choice is my machine or your docker, then is more likely it's my machine or we would have heard of others having trouble too. Anyway, thanks again and have a great weekend.
  2. Dude I'm not looking for a fight. I'm just gonna share some perspective with ya. I'm nobody's obligation and I don't expect to be babysat. As I see it people who create for free do so for one of two reasons. The love of technology To showcase their ability's People who love something will often choose to work in that field and showcasing your talents is a great way to further your career which by the way is how they make money. As for videos, well each youtuber I've seen makes all the videos they can to generate revenue which, you guessed it, equals money. So, to recap what I've just said, I guess everybody's getting paid in one way or another after all, and God Bless Em'. They deserve every penny they and get.
  3. I appreciate the offer. Circumstances have changed so I'm on track for the moment. If I hit a road block again I may take you up on this though. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Okay, Lets take it from the top. I have an unraid server up and running. It has four dockers on it. Letsencrypt Mariadb Nextcloud Openvpn-as In each case I found a youtube video that walked me through the steps to install and configure each of them. Great news, I'm not a complete idiot cause I can follow directions and all of my current dockers work. For what this server is intended for those are the only dockers I would need but I want to back up the server to the cloud. Cloudberry Backup seems to be the way to go for what I need. There are no videos on installing and setting this up so one would assume it must be easier than the others. Not so much. I click the link to install and I get all the options and have know way of knowing what to change or add. Installing with defaults and configuring later isn't an option so that's as far as I get. I'm starting to wonder if this Cloudberry docker sucks and that isn't the reason why no one bothered making a video or posting so much as a pdf on it.
  5. This is a perfect example of why the gap between ultra techies and common folk is so vast. I asked for help because I was tired of looking for a needle in a hay stack and your idea of help was to dump the whole barn on my head. You could have simply said "You Are On Your Own" and I would have gotten the message.
  6. To all, I hate to be a nuisance but I'm as new as they come and I can't find any youtube videos on installing the Djoss Cloudberry Docker from the community apps. I'm sure I'll feel dumb once I see what I'm doing wrong. All my other apps were simple and documented so I don't know why this one is kickin' my butt. I need a step by step guide. Any help here?