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  1. Yes I know and after rebooting I ran SpaceInvaderOne’s delete command and it worked, Shinobi is now working again! Yes I know and all the containers have been working for months in fact I think the Shinobi one was the only ones I’ve installed this year! Image size has hardly changed in the month since. I was strange I ran the command you suggested and it was returning results then paused and I noticed the cpu was maxed out on all cores, then I got a warning docker image size at 70% and kept going up quickly to 82% then it stopped there and the results carried on coming until finished! Found the Shinobi line ran rm. but didn’t work in fact whatever happened crashed docker because all the other images had become unresponsive! It’s got to be a coincidence, but what else could of happened all I did was copy and paste your command which looked perfectly fine to me!
  2. How can a find command screw up docker? Just had to reboot to get it working again! Had to hard reset as Unraid wouldn't do a clean shutdown! Docker Image still stuck at 82% it was 58% before I ran that command. I don't understand! tower-diagnostics-20200407-1643.zip
  3. Hi, tried that and unfortunately didn't work and for some reason filled my docker image upto 82%!!!??? Whats that about? Cheers Tim
  4. Hi, same error here as well! Hopefully @SpaceInvaderOne will be able to shead some light on the issue? Cheers, Tim
  5. Hi, yes it has been, it was only removed a short while ago and there were a few people trying to do the same as me. Yes I tried the jstrader docker and could make it work but had the same issue as the olbat docker, that it didn't persist settings after reboot. It's probably my lack of docker knowledge! I tried mapping folders but then the docker wouldn't start! cheers, Tim
  6. It was my Dad's he bought it probably 6 years ago and has replaced it with something better, I remember moaning at him at the time for not buying the network version! I was just hoping to network it without buy anything extra, I will probably plug it into my iMac and install CUPS on that as it seems Unraid can't do it. It's a bit frustrating all the same as I can make it work with olbat/cups docker just cant work out how to persist the dockers settings through a reboot! Thanks for your help and stay safe in these troubling times!
  7. Trying to install a print server, printer is a HP CP1025 colour laser jet usb only connected to USB port on server. I want to print from anything that can print, but currently use Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04, MacOS High Sierra and iOS. I tried to get various dockers to work and one of them worked everywhere inc AirPrint, but could not get it to persist it’s settings after reboot! I posted this in the cups docker thread and got no answer, so thought I’d try again here.
  8. Hi, how would I install CUPS and HP Plugin directly into Unraid? I've tried quite a few dockers and they either don't work because of lacking drivers or they will work but not persist re-boot! Very frustrating, might be my limited knowledge of docker! Hoping someone can help? Cheers, Tim
  9. This is the same problem as I have, no one seems to know as I've asked many times! How Nextcloud has made it to version 18 with such a bad bug I don't know! I've uninstalled it and gone back to Dropbox and wetransfer, but still hopeful that there will be a solution and happy to reinstall and test if anyone has any ideas?
  10. Ok might have another go, but on my system the docker image fills up to 100% and then other containers start crashing!! Which is why I removed it in the end! I even increased the size of my docker image to 30GB!
  11. Hi, did you work this out? Might fix my docker image filling up whenever anyone downloads a file problem! I might reinstall the app if so, as I removed it because it was unusable!!
  12. Has anyone worked out what is causing this? Now on 6.8.3 and have the same error and to my knowledge no libvirtwol plug-in installed. df shows /dev/sdf1 mounted at boot, which is my flash drive! tower-diagnostics-20200310-1221.zip
  13. Ok, so change the path in docker settings? Or somewhere else?