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  1. How can I uninstall the drivers installed with this container? After installing it I can't start my Windows 10 VM with GPU passtrough, it crashes the entire server. Tried removing the nvidia drivers plugin but no success.
  2. First, I would like to thank you. This is amazing. I'm able to play without any kind of conversion, just direct stream, dsf files (sacd) from unraid to my Denon receiver using my phone with Bubble UPnP and it's easy AF! Thank you. My only question is, would be possible that I can do a scan on demand? Some command line to trigger the scan that I can put on user scripts and do from my phone?
  3. Just wanted to ask this to be sure. I have a a share: Music, that have files on all my drives. I've added a new drive and I want to concentrate all the content from inside Music to it's drive. I'm moving everything with unBALANCE. After everything is move to the new drive, can I go into each drive and rm -rf all the music folders that are empty? I want to do this to avoid disks spinning up whenever I access the Music share from another device.
  4. Ok, I'll leave it as is. Thank you for the support.
  5. So, it's better to rebuild it, correct? I don't mind waiting for the whole process. But if this won't give me a headache in the future when a disk goes bad I'll leave it like that. EDIT: and sorry for insisting on this question I just want to be sure I'm not screwing this up or missunderstanding what you are saying.
  6. I might have screwed this up. I should have looked into the order of doing this as you mentioned. The order I did here was: 1. Install 16TB drive. 2. Assign it as parity and start the array 3. let parity build 4. now I have Parity 1 (old) and Parity 2 (new). 5. Unassigned the parity 1 (old) and started the array 6. stopped the array 7. set the old parity disk into slot 5 and started the array and it's formarting now. It might not be a big deal but now my Parity is called Parity 2 It say it's valid but it's labeled as parity 2. Could this be a problem in the future? Is there a way now to relabel it to partity 1 again?
  7. Nice! Thank you, I wanted to be sure I wasn't doing anything wrong and might loose data.
  8. So, I have at the moment: 5 x 8TB (1 parity + 4 data) 1 x 2TB unassigned device for downloads 1 x 240gb SSD for cache I need more space and I'm considering getting a larger HDD. The best price / Gb here in my country is the 12TB HD. So, I should upgrade the parity first, right? The first 12TB should go into parity and I can use the 8TB one that is parity today as data, is that correct? How do I do all that? Install the 12TB set it as parity and after having 2 parity drives I'll set the 8TB one as data?
  9. Yes, I have Dynamix Cache Dirs installed but I have set which folders I want it to cache, like mentioned in that post. Now, I have uninstalled this plugin and I don't have any array activity while downloading to UD. The only side effect would be that browsing a share with windows would start spinning up the disks.
  10. I'm still trying to figure this out; This is my sabnzbd config. Just INCOMPLETE that is set to ONLY use cache and unassigned device. Should I change /mnt/user/INCOMPLETE to /mnt/cache so it stops accessing the array?
  11. I have no idea where to ask this, so I'll try here. I have SABNZBD downloading to a folder named INCOMPLETE, this folder is on cache SSD set to use only the SSD. When the download ends it starts unpacking the files and it is set to /mnt/disks/2TB/Downloads as RW Slave. This is the unassigned device. The thing is, whenever a file is unpacked from cache to the unassigned device, all my hard drives start up. In file activity I can see only activity on the unassigned device. So, any idea why?
  12. I'm trying to find a solution for days now. I have file activity enabled and it's not showing any file activity at all but disks keep spinning up. I have dynamix cache dirs installed and I believe this could be the reason for disks starting up. Here I use a unassigned device for everything like downloading from usenet, creating isos, working etc and all the rest like dockers are set to use cache only/prefer. I'm attaching the log of dynamix in case someone has any idea of what is going on and hopefully a solution. cache_dirs_new.log
  13. It seems for a miracle, only installing the dockers again and everything *seems* to be working fine. Even the paths were preserved.
  14. I have a 240gb SSD set as cache. And I have a few shares to set to use cache as prefer or only. One of those is system. Even with those settings I still found myself having the files in the array. Tried mover, nothing. So I fired up unBalance that gave me permission errors. So went into the tools tab and used fix permissions to everything. Finally, went into unBalance and tried to move all the shares that have set to use cache is only/prefer to the cache. After that all my dockers are gone. I can see /system/docker.img. I can see everything on my appdata, including the docker's files. Not sure what could have gone wrong or how to fix it.