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  1. Hi guys, I found this great solution on /r/unraid which is a fairly simple to setup, especially if you already have rclone configured. You can automate it on a schedule too. It will do differential deduplicated backups of any share/folder you put in the script using the Borg backup application, and they are proper backups, not just a file sync. Full install and configure instructions are contained in the excellent reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/e6l4x6/tutorial_borg_rclone_v2_the_best_method_to/ For my setup, I have Borg backup to an external USB HDD then rclone sync it to my Microsoft Onedrive account. It runs on a schedule in the User Scripts plugin. For my offsite backup I generally take the HDD to work when the schedule is not set to run. Let me know if you have any problems setting it up.
  2. If you're doing this, you're not really getting any benefit of using Cloudflare really. Isn't the whole point to proxy it through Cloudflare to hide your IP and avoid DDoS attacks?
  3. Yeah mine seems to be working consistently with no problems now. I also only followed the Spaceinvader video with no additional setting changes.
  4. Just an update. My initial TimeMachine backup completed successfully, which was in-progress on my last post here, but nothing has worked since. It says 'Preparing backup' in the TM app panel, then will just stop. No errors or anything. Not sure what is the issue. I will read the above posts carefully and try this. edit: In the last few hours it has taken two successful hourly backups, then 1 failed with Error 112. Will continue investigating.
  5. Hi guys, new to Unraid and have just set my time-machine up according to Spaceinvader one's video. It worked perfectly fine, no cfg file change needed. I did connect the share in Finder using the IP address as the hostname tends to be finicky and disconnect sometimes. I'm on Catalina 10.15.4 and Unraid 6.8.3 if that helps. Currently doing my initial backup. I will test the restore once it's completed.