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  1. Hi guys, I am facing a weird problem. I just finished migrating the old motherboard to another one. All disks are working fine, the array is up and running, so does the cache SSD drive. Everything is working fine, except I cannot unhook the hdmi cable from unRAID server. If I do, the system just wouldn't load into unRAID OS. I need to do a unclean shutdown, plugged in my hdmi cable to a monitor. Power up the PC only then unRAID would able to load and finally GUI was accessible. What could the reason? I attached the diagnostic zip file. Thank you. unraid3770-diagnostics-20210701-1531.zip
  2. Due to Covid lockdown, I took some time to troubleshoot my problem. I migrated my unraid to another motherboard, then I reinstalled Dynamix S3 sleep after I removed it first. After that, include the command: "ethtool -s eth0 wol g" - into Custom commands before sleep. Applied the settings. Next thing I know was, all my samba share was lost - which is expected to happen (because my Dynamix S3 sleep) but it was a surprise to me, I didn't know by reinstalling the plugin would solve my problem. Hooray!!!!.......S3 sleep is now working. I can now send WOL packets to the network card's MAC address to wake up unraid. 😀
  3. After unraid updated to the latest version of Dynamix S3 sleep that is s3_sleep version: 3.0.8 which created on the 13-03-2021, still does not work at all. 😔
  4. Oops, how can I move this topic to the plugin support? Oh well, I just need to wait. Sigh.....need to be patient. Just let bonienl do the catch work first. I just noticed someone else is having the same problem as I am:
  5. Hi All, Before upgrade, my server was able to follow the configuration settings in Sleep and went to shutdown mode when it sensed my PC's IP = has shutdown. That is under, "Wait for user login inactivity (IP address)" see the picture below. However after the upgrade, server seems to ignore this setting. Can someone able to help me out? I have attached my diagnostic file below. Thank you. Edit: There is another problem I am facing with my Unraid Server, after the upgrade, I could not get server turn on using Wake ON Lan method. In order to turn it on, I need to run upstairs and manually press the ON/OFF button. biostarunraid-diagnostics-20210324-0650.zip
  6. Hi all, I am newbie in unraid server. Does anyone in the forum, can give some hints how to debug my weird problem: why my unraid server started to have unscheduled parity check, out of the blue. I am 100% sure that I did not initiate the parity check. Under settings > Scheduler > Parity ==> I set the parity check turn on the 1st of day of the month. which it did happen (I can confirmed the notification on my Telegram app) However, it started to run (by itself) on the 17th of Oct. Any advice how to troubleshoot? Most appreciated if someone in the forum can help out. Thank you.
  7. Hi All, I am in the transition of buying unRAID license, but before I do it, I want some advice on the flash drive Currently I have unRAID server installed on a Sandisk Cruzer Edge 8GB USB2.0, loading OS was slow and loading the web page on the plugin tab was slow also. It was an old USB drive, I wanted to upgrade it to the newest one. And hopefully can see some speed improvement. I went ahead and installed unRAID server into a Sandisk Ultra Fit USB3.1 16GB, I am planning to use the flash drive on a USB2.0 port. Unfortunately, I have no success in creating a USB flash drive by using the USB creator software. It always stuck at the final bit: Syncing files system..... However, I was able to install it using the manual method, but did not try to boot yet. As, I wanted to load all the configuration settings from the zip back up file. Questions 1) It seems like there is an issue about the Sandisk Ultra Fit USB3.1 /3.0 flash drive, perhaps not as durable as its older generation USB2.0 drive? or Should I stick back to the original Sandisk Cruzer USB drive? 2) How to restore all the configuration settings from the back up zip file, if I create a bootable drive using the manual way? I found the way to restore the configuration settings from the back up zip file. Just copy the content of the zip file, and then run make_bootable.bat file. Thank you. The youtuber: Spaceinvader One was also using the same USB flash drive: SanDisk Ultra Fit 16GB. Strangely his one was good enough to finish installing. But mine doesn't. I went out and bought a new SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash drive. Shockingly, the program could not detect the presence of the drive that is already inserted into my PC USB port. While Windows 10 was able to detect it.
  8. @Squid Thank you for your precious time in responding my query.
  9. @Squid I may need to use Unassigned Device plugin someday, if I have got an USB attached hard disk. My goal is to have my Unassigned Devices (disks) to spin down. So, I have installed UD plugin (thumbs up version), then just leave it as it is? UD plugin will spin it down automatically?
  10. @Squid Sir, would kindly help me out: Thank you.
  11. @Squid I did not install the add-on version of UD. So I need to install the add-on version?
  12. @johnnie.black I just installed the Unassigned Devices(UD) by the author: dlandon Apparently, there are 2 versions of UD. I installed the one with the "thumbs up" icon. But.... I could not find any setting about spin down option for disk inactivity. Sure it is the right one?
  13. Hi All, My disk array will spin down after 30mins has lapsed of no disk activity. It is working ok. However, under unassigned devices (extra disks attached- that is not attached to the array), I have to manually spin the disks down. Is there a plugin that will do it automatically?
  14. Yeah, now I realize that I need to work on the Backup plugin that you mentioned earlier, to solve this backup Appdata from the Cache.
  15. @Squid To prevent Appdata folder being from erased/lost, change use Cache = Yes, then press: the move button to move all data from the Appdata folder to the array, right?