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  1. Hi All, I am in the transition of buying unRAID license, but before I do it, I want some advice on the flash drive Currently I have unRAID server installed on a Sandisk Cruzer Edge 8GB USB2.0, loading OS was slow and loading the web page on the plugin tab was slow also. It was an old USB drive, I wanted to upgrade it to the newest one. And hopefully can see some speed improvement. I went ahead and installed unRAID server into a Sandisk Ultra Fit USB3.1 16GB, I am planning to use the flash drive on a USB2.0 port. Unfortunately, I have no success in creating a USB flash drive by using the USB creator software. It always stuck at the final bit: Syncing files system..... However, I was able to install it using the manual method, but did not try to boot yet. As, I wanted to load all the configuration settings from the zip back up file. Questions 1) It seems like there is an issue about the Sandisk Ultra Fit USB3.1 /3.0 flash drive, perhaps not as durable as its older generation USB2.0 drive? or Should I stick back to the original Sandisk Cruzer USB drive? 2) How to restore all the configuration settings from the back up zip file, if I create a bootable drive using the manual way? I found the way to restore the configuration settings from the back up zip file. Just copy the content of the zip file, and then run make_bootable.bat file. Thank you. The youtuber: Spaceinvader One was also using the same USB flash drive: SanDisk Ultra Fit 16GB. Strangely his one was good enough to finish installing. But mine doesn't. I went out and bought a new SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash drive. Shockingly, the program could not detect the presence of the drive that is already inserted into my PC USB port. While Windows 10 was able to detect it.
  2. @Squid Thank you for your precious time in responding my query.
  3. @Squid I may need to use Unassigned Device plugin someday, if I have got an USB attached hard disk. My goal is to have my Unassigned Devices (disks) to spin down. So, I have installed UD plugin (thumbs up version), then just leave it as it is? UD plugin will spin it down automatically?
  4. @Squid Sir, would kindly help me out: Thank you.
  5. @Squid I did not install the add-on version of UD. So I need to install the add-on version?
  6. @johnnie.black I just installed the Unassigned Devices(UD) by the author: dlandon Apparently, there are 2 versions of UD. I installed the one with the "thumbs up" icon. But.... I could not find any setting about spin down option for disk inactivity. Sure it is the right one?
  7. Hi All, My disk array will spin down after 30mins has lapsed of no disk activity. It is working ok. However, under unassigned devices (extra disks attached- that is not attached to the array), I have to manually spin the disks down. Is there a plugin that will do it automatically?
  8. Yeah, now I realize that I need to work on the Backup plugin that you mentioned earlier, to solve this backup Appdata from the Cache.
  9. @Squid To prevent Appdata folder being from erased/lost, change use Cache = Yes, then press: the move button to move all data from the Appdata folder to the array, right?
  10. @Squid I created a share folder, just to experiment about the mover function. I was able to get mover to move files from: Cache to Array. Using "Yes" option. It worked as expected. So, the next experiment was to test file from: Array to Cache. I configured the share to use Cache by selecting: "Prefer" option. At this stage in time, my cache was already set up and running. I wanted to move the files from the my existing array using manual method. Sorry, I paraphrased my statements: I have attached my diagnostic file. I created a shared called: Backup downloads, using: "Prefer" method for Caching I checked within unRAID main tab, opened up the Cache drive, and saw the Backup downloads was created. However, this Backup downloads folder was not reflected within the array. I searched all the array disks, I could not find the shared folder: Backup downloads. Question 1: How to make: Backup downloads shared folder to be shown available at: Cache + Array, using the Prefer method? Question 2: If I am using "Prefer" method, what is going to happen to Cache when its capacity is full? Referring to the diagram above, I understood it will overflow to the Array. Meaning my data will be split up storing in the Cache and Array? Right? Mover failed to move the files, that is from Array to Cache, by manually pressing the move button. I could find out what was the reason of not moving the files. Thankfully you have just answered my questions to clear my doubt. But unfortunately, the instant help notification does not explain in details about what was the condition require for the mover to move the files from Array to Cache. biostarunraid-diagnostics-20200322-0100.zip
  11. Hi, I have read this FAQ regarding the Cache drive option - Prefer: I have something doubts that need clarification. I hope someone can help me out. Questions: Mover will transfer the shared files from Array to Cache drive under the following conditions A or B is met: ============================================================================= (A) Your cache drive (normally it is SSD / HDD) suddenly out of out of order. You get a new replacement(SSD/HDD), install it to unRAID as new Cache drive. When this condition (A) is met: The mover will only transfer your files from the Array >> to >> new Cache drive either by the scheduler or by manually click the move button? Right? ============================================================================= (B) Your cache drive (normally it is SSD / HDD) capacity is small, you want to increase the size. You get a new replacement(SSD/HDD) with larger capacity, install it to unRAID as new Cache drive. When this condition (B) is met: The mover will only transfer your files from the Array >> to >> new Cache drive either by the scheduler or by manually click the move button? Right? Thank you.
  12. Hi All, Just want to share out my findings about unRAID notification. My notification settings are based on Gmail. This how-to will enable the user to send email notification from Gmail to Yahoo email. If you like my how-to, then make it a sticky. Thank you.🙂 ======================================================================== Requirements: A) Setup a gmail account. This account will be the SENDER's email address << Assumption: you have setup 2-step authentication via you mobile phone for logging into your gmail account >> B) Setup a second gmail or any other free webmail account. eg: xyz@yahoo.com This account will be the RECEIVER's email address ======================================================================== You need to set up google App Password. 1) login into: accounts.google.com 2) Go to "Security" on your left section. 3) Under the heading: "Signing in to Google" 3.1) Click on App passwords 3.2) Sign in your normal gmail accounts 3.3) click: Select app, then select: Mail 3.4) click: Select device, then select: Custom 3.5) Give a name for the unRAID server e.g: midtowerunraid 3.6) Press Generate button 3.7) A window will pop out and app password for the device is display in the yellow box. Copy the password and keep in a safe place and save in notepad. This password is 16 character long. Next click the button: Done e.g: sskwowcomemtyufg <----- 16 character long app password. 3.8) Finally sign out all accounts Follow the steps below, to complete SMTP settings within unRAID server
  13. Thanks for your help so far........ I reinstalled my unRAID server on a Sandisk thumb drive, after my previous Kingmax thumb drive was dead. I reinstalled the preclear plugin. Preclear plugin did not recognize my hard disks were previously completed preclear test. If it was able to detect and recognize, there should be a round "+" little icon appear on the hdd. But I did not see any. That is totally normal right?
  14. Yes, I am installiing a fresh copy of unRAID on a Sandisk flash drive 8GB usb 2.0 thumb drive. I think I should not be doing another round of preclear, since the last preclear operation has completely successfully, unRAID will be noticed it, once I get the unRAID server up and running, right? I mean it will recognize the hard disks since it has a preclear signature written on them from the last preclear operation, right?
  15. Err.....bad news.....sobbing....... I think the culprit came within my Kingmax usb 2.0 thumb drive. I rebooted my unRAID server.......but couldn't log in. What was the problem? I am asking myself....... Troubleshooting started.... I plugged in to the monitor of my server, the motherboard UEFI bios couldn't detected the Kingmax usb 2.0 thumb drive. I plugged in an unused thumb drive, the UEFI bios was able to detect a thumb drive inserted. Unplugged the Kingmax usb2.0 thumb drive, and inserted into my Windows 10 PC, it wasn't able to read the thumb drive. So, I guess, pretty sure my Kingmax usb 2.0 thumb drive has kicked the bucket for good. Question, does unRAID thumb drive has build-in software/plugin to minimize the wear on the flash memory on the drive itself?