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  1. Posting an update in case it's helpful to others. I believe I have this solved. I realized that the drive issues I was having were all on drives in this drive cage I bought to try and squeeze an extra drive into the server. I removed the cage, rearranging drives to get everything mounted securely and started yet another parity rebuild. This one took about 37 hours and completed successfully last night. The array has been online and stable since then. Hopefully That was the source of all my issues and I can move on. Thank you everyone who gave advice, even if I didn't necessarily take all of it.
  2. of the 24 drives, there is a grand total of 2 splitters (not daisy chained, and not on the same line). Again, I don't believe this is causing the issue.
  3. a couple, just due to the runs I have. Not as many as you might be thinking. It's a 1,000 watt PSU so there are plenty of ports for peripherals. I really on't think the PSU or the way I have the power wired is the issue.
  4. Yup. My mistake. The data drive was marked unmountable, not disabled. The 2 parity drives were still online and the data on the unmountable drive was missing fromt he array. That was 3 weeks ago and I've been dealing with so many issues since then I forgot the specific error for the drive. This doesn't answer my current problem though. New drives, new cables, new controller cards, and I still can't get a successful parity rebuild.
  5. I understand how it's supposed to work. Both parity drives were online. The disabled drive was no emulated. Don't know what else to tell you on that. Doesn't really matter since this was like 3 weeks ago and not relevant to my current issues.
  6. I have a very large array - 24 drives, all 10,12, or 14 TB. A couple of weeks again I started having issues with the parity drives getting disabled. I was told to ditch my Marvel based controllers, which I did. I bought two LSI 9201-16i cards and installed them. I still had issues. I was told my firmware is very old, so I updated to the latest. I thought maybe the drives were faulty, so I bought new 14TB drives for parity. I've swapped my cables I don't even know how many times at this point. I moved the server out of my network closet to a cooler room. Every time I made a change I had to start the parity build over. With this many drives it takes several days to complete. Most of the time, it doesn't complete. It did complete once, and a few hours after completion a data drive was disabled, taking all it's data offline. Yesterday I moved the server and updated the controller firmware. Now I have read errors on 3 drives and unraid has disabled one of the parity drives. I'm pulling my hair out with frustration. I've swapped out all the hardware short of building a new server from scratch. I need to nail down the actual issue and get my server back. Please help! diag attached storage-diagnostics-20211121-1156.zip
  7. Firmware is updated, I also moved the server to another room because it was getting pretty hot where it was. Parity is rebuilding AGAIN 🤞
  8. Pulling my hair out with this server for weeks now. Was having a ton of issues that seemed to be caused by my Marvel based sata controllers. I took this community's advice and replaced both 16 port cards with LSI 9201-16i cards. I wound up having to rebuild parity, which finally finished yesterday with no errors and I thought I was in the clear. This morning I woke up to errors on both parity drives and both parity drives disabled. Now I assume I need to do a new config to trigger a parity rebuild AGAIN. But I need to fix the underlying problem. I have swapped sata cables, and both of these parity drives are brand new because I was having the same issue with another set of parity drives, so I pulled them and both 2 new 14TB drives. I have also tried a number of sata cables. I'm extremely frustrated at this point and just want my data reliably protected. At this point I have swapped out the controllers, the sata cables, AND the parity drives. What is going on here? diag attached. storage-diagnostics-20211120-1059.zip
  9. yup, saw the call trace and my eyes skimmed right past the nfsd stuff - thanks!
  10. Thanks, at least it's not hardware related this time! So I can better diagnose in the future, where did you find this? I'm looking through the diagnostics file and don't see it.
  11. My desktop is Linux, so definitely need NFS. Never seen NFS cause the array to go offline before, any idea how this happened?