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  1. The community support (especially SpaceInvader One) easy to add enhanced observability (monitoring and alerting)
  2. Thanks, awesomeness! one thing you like most about Unraid it just works one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020 visualization - I want graphanna based plugins and 3rd party/ community CSS/skins
  3. sharpfork

    Chrome OS

    I'm researching this too. It seems like the CloudReady build of Chrome OS has value add above the base open source images Google provides but isn't the full blown version Google built for chromebooks. This thread might be of interest:
  4. I asked almost the exact question yesterday but was using top instead of htop. The response on /r/unraid was "Top does not include IOWAIT while dashboard does. You can always Install netdata where you can see this type of data." I personally think the CPU data in the dashboard is misleading but I'm a total noob so I might just be dumb.
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