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  1. The community support (especially SpaceInvader One) easy to add enhanced observability (monitoring and alerting)
  2. Thanks, awesomeness! one thing you like most about Unraid it just works one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020 visualization - I want graphanna based plugins and 3rd party/ community CSS/skins
  3. sharpfork

    Chrome OS

    I'm researching this too. It seems like the CloudReady build of Chrome OS has value add above the base open source images Google provides but isn't the full blown version Google built for chromebooks. This thread might be of interest:
  4. Thanks! I need to read up on the mover. That thing confuses me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I currently have an old 64gb SSD + 128 GB SSD set as a cache pool. I watched a few space invader One videos and realized I'd be better off dedicating a 500 GB SSD to the cause. I figured that turning off the cache on all shares then initiating the mover would theoretically make it easy to swap drives but the documentation/ wiki says the opposite of what I expected: Wouldn't setting all the shares to Use cache disk: NO cause the mover to clear off the cache drives? I've been known to be wrong often so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I asked almost the exact question yesterday but was using top instead of htop. The response on /r/unraid was "Top does not include IOWAIT while dashboard does. You can always Install netdata where you can see this type of data." I personally think the CPU data in the dashboard is misleading but I'm a total noob so I might just be dumb.
  7. Thanks trurl! I have much more reading to do for sure! I've been reading up on the "unlimited" GDrive space for 5+ users for $10/month. I might just let them manage my remote backup needs and use Rclone or nextcloud (lots of reading there too) to backup. I likely don't need more than a couple of gigs of backup anyway and don't need versioning so I need to rethink if it makes sense to have the 8tb as backup, if I should use a smaller drive, or if I should use gdrive (or some combo). If I do shuck the other 8TB, you suggest going with RAID1/ mirror on the 2x 8TB as Parity? Would I do this using the raid ability of my mobo or via software (I'm a noob). Nothing in my setup would be super time sensitive as far as needing a quick recovery. Kids could watch netflix and other streaming services if plex is dead for a week. I'll have to read up on this more. I now see that having added the 120 GB + 60 GB, my cache shows up in unraid as 90 GB. What advantage does this have over just having the single 120 GB and more space? These drives aren't likely to be used for other stuff in the house as they can't hold much of an OS but the 250 could end up in a little linux box as a boot drive. I'll have to read up on this too Thanks again!
  8. I'm about 5 days into my unraid journey and am super stoked about the whole system. I'm progressively moving data (mostly plex media, retro gaming resources and roms, and local home user files) off of my current desktop "server" to external USB 3 drives. I'm adding drives and zeroing them in preparation for a big dedicated unraid server migration. I will be mostly serving files, running radarr / lidarr / sonarr + nzbget, plex, general file serving, time machine for 2 hackintoshes, and run a few VMs to learn on. I have 3x8gb of ram with 3 slots open if that makes a difference. Local home use with occasional remote plex streaming. Question 1 Is there a proper ratio of storage : cache : parity? Question 2 Does my planned (penciled in) drive allocation make sense SATA III Drives I plan have dedicated to unraid: Platter drives 8TB WD 5TB Seagate 5TB Seagate 5TB WD 2TB Hitachi 1TB Hitachi SSD Drives 120 GB PNY 60 GB OCZ Other drives that could go in the mix 250 GB SSD could be added for additional cache 8TB WB USB 3 I was thinking about using for occasional backup of important files brough to friend's house. I have google accounts for most important documents and photos but nothing formalized I was thinking about the following: Parity - 10 TB 8TB WD 2TB Hitachi Cache - 180GB or 430 GB 120 GB PNY 60 GB OCZ 250 GB (do I need this here really?) storage drives - 16 GB (for now) 5TB Seagate 5TB Seagate 5TB WD 1TB Hitachi Occasional backup of "important" files - not plex media 8TB WB USB 3.0 I have one open SATA port on my mobo, should I just shuck this and put this in the array and use google or other cloud backup for document and photo backup? Thanks in advance!