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  1. Hi @kasuke I'm not really sure whether it is worth it. I'm have not used the brand mentioned in the link, the panshi brand that I have gotten also seems to be less known within the Chinese market too, in comparison to huanan shown on gamer nexus. But if you ask me if I will pay the price listed there for the board. I think it might not be the lowest in price. I search on taobao.com (i am able to read Chinese), there is a similar product, https://m.tb.cn/h.4atdBSW?sm=88b8a1 - it is just a main board, but I believe if u topup for the remaining components to match the spec, it should be lower in price. Hope it helps.
  2. Hi @Reflexion sorry I think I'm unable to provide that test result. I'm short of a electricity meter for the test.
  3. Hi @Reflexion I am relatively new to unraid, and do not know how to grab the information you needed. Do let me know what is the best way to achieve idle, and how do I grab the power consumption? Also do advice on how to create load for the test, previously i can create a decent spike just be running clamav on my 4 core core i5, but i don't it will work now. Thanks.
  4. Hi all I have been using a old core i5 2500 cpu with a gigabyte ud3xp motherboard, 16gb ddr3 with unraid for 10 months. It is a decent system, however the lack of cores in 2500, limits me from running more vm or docker containers. I am not willing to spend more money to setup a brand new system such as a threadripper system, eventually a personal hobby will need to find a balance. I am a frequent online shopper for China products, and one thing good in Chinese e commerce sites, is their wide varieties of affordable computer components you can find. Below is a system I bought X99-D4 Panshi Motherboard Xeon E5 2678 v3 32gb Samsung ECC DDR4 RAM Topup with a cpu fan. For about 260 usd The upgrading process is a breeze. And moving unraid to this system is pretty straightforward. There isn't a need to even map the correct parity, data or cache drive. The system is now 2 weeks old, and I hope it will last me for the next 2 to 3 years. I'm not familiar with hardware stuffs such as vrm or how to determine reliability, but I'm happy to get a past generation 12c/24t system for this price. Just to share this with other hobbyists that is looking to setup a more powerful home server at a budget. To understand more about Chinese x99 boards, you can refer to the following 2 links.
  5. Hi I am running an official gitlab-ee container from https://hub.docker.com/r/gitlab/gitlab-ee with -v /mnt/user/containerspace/gitlab-data:/var/opt/gitlab the gitlab container on startup will create multiple application folder within /var/opt/gitlab, for each of its component example redis, and postgresql in each of these folders, while the gitlab container is running, there are some sock files created, example /var/opt/gitlab/redis/redis.socket. Everytime when my scheduled mover is trigger, the running container will break and go into a 502 situtation. To recover from it, the workaround is for me to stop the gitlab container. forced a mover activity, after ensuring /mnt/user/containerspace/gitlab-data is fully on the array, start the container, and the container will resume it's normal operation, until the next scheduled mover task breaks it again. Is it possible for me to exclude certain files from being moved? example redis.socket or postgres5432.lock or is it possible for me to run this particular container right off the array disk?
  6. Hi I am intending to convert a z68 intel system from 2011 into a unraid server. Going through manufacture specification, I realize I have sata w 6gb/s and 3gb/s How do i plan out what interface to use for what type of drive? If my current plan of building the unraid server through 1st phase 3TB Storage Hdd and 70GB cache Sdd 2nd phase + 3TB Parity Hdd and 3TB Storage Hdd 3rd phase + N numbers of storage hdd < 3TB I also intent to purchase some Chinese pcie to sata card to add more hdd in 3rd phase. Any additional advice such as no point of building this? E.g old hardware issue? Will be helpful. Thanks.