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  1. Hi All, I was one of the lucky ones and got an RTX 3080 Ti from the Newegg shuffle on release day. Got the card in the mail the next day, installed it into my UnRAID server, and it detected just fine. Was even able to use @SpaceInvaderOne's vBIOS Dump Script and extracted the vBIOS of the card out of the box. Mapped the path of the vBIOS to the card as well in the VM settings. However, I'm running into an issue where the card isn't being recognized in the VM at all on a fresh Windows 10 VM. In device manager, it is only showing up as the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter w
  2. Been a while since I updated this thread, but some slightly good news: I have some improvements by only changing a few pieces of hardware. TL,DR; As of now, what I am getting in terms of speed is around 2.0GB/s on a raw transfer to RAID 10 SSD's from a 120gb vm after swapping to a really good RAID controller. Halfway there! 😄 🍺 What I realized is that on these Dell servers, the on-board RAID controller (H710p Mini) is PCIe 2.0 x8 which is UTTERLY slow, even for RAID 10. So I took a risk and bought a single H740p for the server. Normally, this is NOT supported by Dell and
  3. No Problem. Glad that you got your cards working Again, still have been busy and still trying to figure out where my bottleneck is, but havent had time yet to figure it out. Not intentionally trying to resurrect this thread but its been a crazy ride with other OS's. Added my servers to my signature, for anyone who wants to accurately see what I have now. Now that you have a 40g link, go ahead and test the raw data transfer and see what you get (assuming you can get RoCE working). If you get close to 40gbps speeds (or 5Gb/s), let me know what you have so that I can evaluate my
  4. Utilizing the ethernet protocol for the Mellanox Cards/RDMA (or in this case, RoCE) is much easier for most OS's to recognize full compatible connectivity without requiring a SM, unlike IB. And also because of the way IB protocols work (Dont want to explain it here). Unfortunately, you would have to do a lot of kernel modding to get IB drivers to work properly in UnRAID at the time of writing, as IB mode will not be seen in the network page on the Web GUI. Obviously, using lspci in the shell will show that its there as I experienced that the hard way. Also, they only i
  5. Been a while since I got back to this thread. Was really busy and trying out some other possibilities to get 40g to work anywhere else. My goal isn't to turn this thread into a Mellanox tutorial, but I'll help out. Seems like your just trying to run the exe VIA double click. The exe doesn't work like that and is ONLY run by the command prompt/powershell (best to use command prompt). Steps below are how to find out the necessary card info and get it to work in ethernet mode: A: I'm assuming you've already downloaded and installed BOTH WinOF & WinMFT for your card as
  6. I've definitely have some things I can post on it. Just been way too busy since my last post, but worked on it a good amount and it works really well. My notes below assume that you have the same card. YMMV if it's a different model: Configuring notes: Additional Config Notes: Performance Notes: Warnings Issues I faced: I'm not necessarily making a guide for noobs or anything. Just from my own experiences. If you know what your doing, then I would go for the 40gb spe
  7. Thanks for the reply I'm aware that Unraid doesnt support infiniband as of 6.6.7 and figured out that there was an issue with my card not saving the config after a reboot to Ethernet and kept switching back to Auto Sensing. Had it set to ethernet before. Eventually, I re-flashed the firmware manually to the same version and it seems to be working just fine after 10 reboots and Unraid recognizes it in the network settings. I'm going to be out of the country for a week, so I can't test it out until I come back. Out of curiosity: Have there been a
  8. Hi all, I am new to the unraid community and would like some advice/opinions/guidance as to how I can use the connectx-3 cards to work with Unraid. I recently acquired 2 of the MCX353A cards to use. One for my unraid machine (Dell R610 server w/ 2 * X5650 and 128gb of RAM that I bought for a good price off of a client who was decommissioning it) and another for my "hybrid" file server and backup server running Windows 10 pro (custom built ITX system: 8700K, 16gb of RAM (will add more in the future)). I understand that it isn't ideal to use a consumer desktop OS with