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  1. I recommend you check out VRS and it provides a much cooler interface to output to the world https://github.com/ShoGinn/virtualradarserver-docker https://hub.docker.com/r/shoginn/vrs -- its homepage http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/
  2. @PSYCHOPATHiO its an unfortunate addiction
  3. Not sure the interest in this as well.. but I have a Virtual Radar Server docker that is pretty sweet as well.. its amd64 only (which works great for Unraid!) https://hub.docker.com/r/shoginn/vrs If you want to see what its about http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk
  4. again @mAYH3M I don't see the benefit to adding airspy_adsb to any one of the 7 containers I posted. dump1090 does the same thing.
  5. I say take the wheel ;) you already started this ADSB train.. let me know how I can support otherwise.
  6. @mAYH3M im confused by your request, air spy isn't even an active component in this container. Are you asking for air spy to be the replacement for dump1090?
  7. Just an update, after hours of work to try and get my ci/cd platform to do multi-arch builds I was able to break it all up. Next step is to make a template for each container. If you are curious and want to mess around with it. Its 7 components with dump1090 being of course the rtlsdr component. It is using the latest and greatest versions of all. https://github.com/ShoGinn/dump1090 https://github.com/ShoGinn/adsbexchange-mlat https://github.com/ShoGinn/adsbhub https://github.com/ShoGinn/flightaware https://github.com/ShoGinn/flightradar24 https://github.com/ShoGinn/openskynetwork https://github.com/ShoGinn/planefinder
  8. The driver is not necessary since it references the /dev/bus/usb directly. Having the blacklist in the docker file is also a bit unnecessary. I am in the process (when I get time) to rewrite my raspberry pi version into multi-arch. https://github.com/ShoGinn/docker-ads-b So many ways to feed ADSB
  9. @Delarius explained the option that I used. His is actually cleaner than mine I took this opportunity to clean mine up. edit the file: /boot/config/go Append the following: bash_profile () { if [ -f /root/.bash_profile ]; then cat /boot/config/mybashprofile >> /root/.bash_profile fi } # Update Bash Profile bash_profile Create your: /boot/config/mybashprofile
  10. my solution until the dynamic.apcupsd plugin is updated it this: add the following to my /boot/config/go sed -i -e '/^ONBATTERYDELAY/c\\ONBATTERYDELAY '"25"'' /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf /etc/rc.d/rc.apcupsd restart
  11. I think that it is feasible. APCUPSD has an ONBATTERYDELAY config that I had set to 25 on my last setup.
  12. My UPS does a test automatically. This generates a notification. I would like the ability to delay notifications for UPS for a set period of time. That way if it goes down and goes up (test) you will not get notified.
  13. I was attempting to change the hostname of the container and instead of --hostname used --name When I put --name in the extra arguments and updated the container, the container could not be edited. The option was removed from the container. Deleting and recreating the container was the fix.
  14. I ran through the following test This time after shutting down and removing the virtual disk. Started array all is well Still shows array as a raid1 Label: none uuid: 901e6235-a8c5-443f-bdcb-eb8c496a9c48 Total devices 2 FS bytes used 131.16MiB devid 2 size 199.97MiB used 198.94MiB path /dev/sdd1 *** Some devices missing This would be correct in how I would expect it to work Not sure why it wouldn't mount my last go around ------ I guess the moral of this story is that testing pays dividends. I could not recreate my initial situation. One of the other issues I saw was that even after you replace the drive, if the failed drive is the main drive and you replace it, you will lose everything. Thanks @johnnie.black for validating how it should play out. My Google fu was unable to find a situation like this. I am ultra paranoid about data loss and after my mistake it didn't do well for confidence. I like Unraid, and want to purchase a license but if I couldn't get this to work it would have been a deal breaker.. So thats been rectified. Hopefully this helps others!
  15. Also, "replacing" the failed cache drive with another virtual image does not create a restore either.. still unmountable