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  1. Sure. What we both did: All the P cores 0-11 isolated for a windows daily driver. You assign those isolated cores to the windows daily driver. Performance in VM is good so you think all is well. But one day when the VM wasn't running I noticed what I didn't think to check: Core 0 IS NOT isolated. Go stop your VM and do something in unraid or dockers and notice if only Cores 1-11 remain at 0%. For me, despite isolcpus set, Core 0 had activity. Please verify my results. Regards.
  2. I isolated cpus 0-11 (all 6 P cores) on my 12600k. In reality it didn't work. With all vms off core 0 had plenty of activity. I guess its 5 core pairs isolated for me. Maybe i'll force emulatorpin on 0,1.
  3. The TLDR is that with ASUS motherboard you can't use legacy boot along with both discrete AND integrated GPU at the same time. Do you guys have that issue? is it a weird 12th Gen Intel thing or just a silly programming decision in Asus bios. == longer version in order to keep igpu active when discrete gpu is plugged in you have to go into bios without igpu installed. You can then turn on Multi-Monitor to Enabled. Assign the initial gpu to the iGPU. Then shutdown and install discrete and it'll show up. But doing so disables CSM and along with that anyway to boot legacy. I guess uefi boot for unraid isn't a big deal but i've never used it.
  4. You ever try passing through the iGPU to a Windows VM? I've only ever used CPU transcoding in Plex. In this new setup, by my estimation the 4 E-cores give about a 7000 passmark and can do 3 x 1080p streams simultaneously. I rarely need more than 1. Regards.
  5. And I have an ASUS Prime z690-p d4 coming today. You'd think we could've standardized or just let one of us be the guinea pig. Hopefully they all do great.
  6. I'm in your camp. I came to the conclusion that afaict, other than GPU issues, we'll be fine. My intent is to run RC3, pass through a discrete GPU and let the CPU transcode plex until the support is fully there on 12600k.
  7. You ever turn on overrides and see if you can pass through the Bus 2 USB to a VM? I was able to do this once on a MB with an NEC usb 3 controller but it was probably separate iommu groups. Regards.
  8. True. I can't be the only one. and I'll admit, i didn't read all 132 pages.
  9. I don't mean to thread hijack but how do ya'll get LSTOPO / HWLOC to work? The spaceinvader script links in his youtube video are dead and neither are in ca apps.
  10. Oh yeah. I wasn't worried about the speed of the E cores. I'm afraid that isolating core 0 would somehow mess up the OS or that unraid would still start some base processes on core 0 because it has to. I should have been clearer.
  11. I'm with you: I typically isolate higher cores for vms and core 0 and its hyperthreaded pair are for unraid (at minimum). It was my intention to let unraid and dockers have all of the E cores and use all P cores for VMs. Looking at some posts here it looks like the P cores are at the start at 0. Can I isolcpu cores 0-5 [and their pairs in a 12600k] and let unraid use ONLY the E cores meaning it won't have core 0 anymore. Thanks.
  12. Squid: Thanks for all of the amazing work on these. Can I throw in a feature request to have System Autofan log which fan it is adjusting? If you want to go further allowing us to add friendly names for each fan such as: "CPU Fan", "Top Exhaust", etc. Thanks.
  13. I could never find in my system documentation information about which slots were wired to which socket. Using your tutorial 3 video cards come up node 0. Kind of a bummer. So now do I isolate all but 2 cores on node 0 and see if most of the system will run on node 1 with all or most of the cores? Seems crazy to have something like plex cross numa_nodes but if the os is numa aware maybe it'll head to node 1 and stay there. Another general question I'm unsure of is what is best practices for emulatorpin cpuset? Thanks.