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  1. Can anyone that Photos work in Catalina and has a "Photos" tab showing all photos. My library list on top-left starts with "memories". Thoughts?
  2. This excellent. Just installed and could not have been easier. Well done! I face an issue though with Photos, which is quite bizzarr. The "All Photos" tab is missing. Top-left is library and underneath is a memories tab. Anyone any idea how this can be? You faicng the same in Catalina?
  3. Trakt list fail. When I click "test", it says "testing ... failed". Tried the general public list, so shouldn't be a user issue. Thoughts?
  4. I checked out the link, but not clear what spotweb does. Is it an indexer or an aggregator of indexer? Does it have a Unraid docker?
  5. Thanks for your detailed note. I will give it a try over the weekend. Two clarifications: * What's the difference betwene 18,2 and pro 6,1? Which one to choose? * download kext utility to rebuild the cache, or rebuild the cache with terminal - what does this mean? i don't think this was covered
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. I am quite a newbie with MacOS VM and have struggled in the past. I bricked several Mac VMs and always hesitate whether it is even stable enough for me to use this consistently. Before I pull the upgrade trigger, help me understand a bit better what I do: 1) Go to Clover config and set smbios to macpro7,1 2) Where to get MCEReportDisabler.kext and where to copy it to? 3) What is virtio and do I need to bother about it? Where to set that I use vmxnet3?
  7. @ghost82 Thanks for sharing. Are you saying that you were able or unable to upgrade? Thanks for your step-by-step guide to upgrade Clover to 5000+. I haven't dared yet to do the upgrade step. WIll wait your clarification on what worked / didn't work for you.
  8. Thanks both. I'd prefer not to do a fresh install. How can I upgrade Clover to a 5000+ version? Is this something that can be done from within the VM?
  9. Catalina is finally released today. I am wondering how people go along updating to it. Is a fresh new install required? Or can I updated within the VM? I remember in earlier posts that there was a need to update Clover as well? If so, could anyone provide a step-by-step guide how to upgrade Clover within a live VM and then also upgrade the OS to Catalina. I am not using GPU passthrough, which I assume may make things easier?
  10. This is a very interesting thread. No clue how I could have missed this one earlier. Not sure whether my question should be in a separate thread, but let me start here. Happy to open a new one if fits? I noticed that Intel has implemented several version of turbo boost: turboboost, turboboost 2.0 and even turboboost 3.0. I am planning to upgrade my 7800X to the newly released 10980XE. But want to make sure that my gaming VM would benefit from the maximum single core boost of 4.8GHz. I'd need this particularly for emulator games that rely on single-core performance. Any thoughts whether turboboost 3.0 would be supported within a Windows VM? https://blogs.forbes.com/antonyleather/files/2019/10/intel-cascade-lake-x-2.png
  11. Having some issues with disk 13 first being disabled and now being unassigned. Any thoughts, which harddisk is disk 13 and how I can reassigned it? I'll look into cabling once I know which disk I'd nee to look. Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20190930-1819.zip
  12. Thanks again! I have turbowrite (Tunable (md_write_method)) set to auto. It copies at 150mb/s, which is the same speed that I used to have before and also the same I had during parity rebuilds (when HBA was in slot #1). So, it indicates that nothing changed? This does not seem like expected behavior?
  13. Got it, thanks! On a positive note if this setup works fine, I could add the hyper M.2 card in the first slot and have the full x16 (i.e., four NVME)? Or an issue as the on-board NVME may also require 4 lanes to add up to 29 instead of the 28 available lanes? When you say severely bottleneck, what are the implications? Is the array and parity impacted? Would it be unstable or just a bit slower? Lastly, I saw the new CPUs for X299 will feature 48 of 44/28 lanes. Any thoughts whether this would require a new mobo as well? I am thinking to upgrade and wonder whether to wait for Cascade Lake X with 48 lanes or just go with the current 44 lanes CPUs.
  14. Just run it, but not fully clear to me. Please see results https://pastebin.com/s8N6q3As