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  1. Maybe easier to first try whether I can get the config right. Shouldn't be so difficult. Basically just need to remember the bios type / number, which I can try various options. Rest should be quite clear. After deleting the libvirt file, do I need to recreate it or does this happen automatically?
  2. How to uncorrupt it? I deleted the docker file as suggested per the link. So, docker containers are working again. But VM remains non-corrupting. Could also be because I may have done something wrong in the VM settings though.
  3. Thanks. Docker indeed went smoothly. Struggling to remember how I had the VMs setup 😞 Started with one of the 3 VMs. Getting the following error: "VM creation error: cannot open directory '/etc/libvirt/hooks/qemu.d': input/output error. Any idea what could be causing this and how to solve?
  4. Thanks for your quick note. I don't think I have a backup of the libvirt.img. That's needed for reinstalling the VMs? Any other way to recreate my VMs?
  5. No clue what happened, but Docker and VM tab are now empty. Attaching log for troubleshooting. Thanks for your help!
  6. Same issue here. Do I need to disable "memory integrity" or any other idea?
  7. Seeing above error in the Unraid GUI. Diagnostic attached. Thanks!
  8. I do believe there are some docker, for which I have permission issues. Newly installed and the files cannot be accessed via SMB. Also, specifically the sabnzbd-extended docker places files with wrong permission in the download folder. Any thoughts appreciated!!!
  9. Have been trying this again after a while. Still no luck. Error log below. Any thoughts appreciated! ttempting to connect to local OpenRGB server. Connection attempt failed Local OpenRGB server unavailable. Running standalone. Network connection thread started on port 6742 <h2>WARNING:</h2><p>One or more I2C/SMBus interfaces failed to initialize.</p><p>RGB DRAM modules and some motherboards' onboard RGB lighting will not be available without I2C/SMBus.</p><p>On Linux, this is usually because the i2c-dev module is not loaded. You must load the i2c-dev module along with the correct i2c driver for your motherboard. This is usually i2c-piix4 for AMD systems and i2c-i801 for Intel systems.</p><p>See <a href=''></a> for additional troubleshooting steps if you keep seeing this message.<br></p> Profile failed to load
  10. Did you ever try this? Do you know which usb controller to passthrough to make this work?
  11. When I go to, it says that my server is online ("green") and also remote access is "green". However, when I test port 443 in myserver settings, I am receiving the error message that the server is unreachable. I forwarded my port 443 in my router settings. I am attaching a diagnostic lot for troubleshooting. Thanks!!!
  12. Yes, working now. You fixed something for my account in the backend?
  13. Thanks. Please see below: <-----UNRAID-API-REPORT-----> SERVER_NAME: Tower ENVIRONMENT: production UNRAID_VERSION: 6.10.0 UNRAID_API_VERSION: 2.46.3 (running) NODE_VERSION: v14.15.3 API_KEY: valid MY_SERVERS: authenticated MY_SERVERS_USERNAME: steve1977 RELAY: connected MOTHERSHIP: ok ONLINE_SERVERS: Tower OFFLINE_SERVERS: HAS_CRASH_LOGS: no </----UNRAID-API-REPORT----->
  14. Post below says that I need to link my Unraid server to my forum account and that's why I cannot post in the myserver forum. I am signed into though, so not sure why that's the case? My forum username shows up on the top-left of the Unraid GUI. I can access "My Servers" when logged into the forum and see my server. Any idea why I cannot post in the myserver part of this forum?