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  1. Your docker? How does it work. I am subscribed to Express VPN, which is running on my router. I'd prefer though to run it on Unraid rather than the Router. Would this work with your solution? Ideally all dockers would then be funneled through the VPN. In an ideal world, I may want to exclude some URLs, which are excluded from the VPN, but that's a bonus.
  2. Thanks. Great to see this is not a VM issue per se. Can you elaborate what you mean by changing smbios data in the bootloader?
  3. How to install the preview branch for V4? Is it working by now? Does the IOS app support the V4 branch?
  4. I tried my luck. Passthrough worked well with the plugin and after reboot, I could see the passthrough disk under "Other PCI devices". I selected "none" as primary vdisk and then ticked the passthrough disk. When starting the VM, I get to the UEFI shell and then see a "mapping table" and then a "Shell prompt". Any thoughts?
  5. Got it, thanks! Let me give it a shot and let's see whether it works. Will start with my NVME drive (Intel 760p). I remember reading that there are some issues with this drive and Unraid, so will see whether it works.
  6. Just tried the plugin and am no longer sure whether all my NVME drives are NVME... One says NVME, the other two do not: SATA controller: Lite-On IT Corp. / Plextor M6e PCI Express SSD Non-Volatile memory controller: Intel Corporation SSD Pro 7600p/760p/E 6100p Series (rev 03)
  7. Not to the array, but I could still access the disks? I should see them in disk manager? I could not start dockers, so that's very unfortunate. And of course, this would not be a viable option for good. But it could be an option if I need to make some changes to my RGB fans (I currently don't have a way to turn off the light). Also, I could use it for gaming at full baremetal performance (using all cores and all memory with single overhead). I don't game a lot, so this could be an option for the very few times that I do. Any thoughts on my questions though? It still feels a bit too good to be true
  8. Thanks. This is very cool. Let me try the same. So, you basically don't do anything then unplugging your Unraid USB and then it boots directly into your VM? I'd love to do the same. A few questions: 1) If passing through an NVME (on mobo or in IDE card), do I still select SATA instead of Virtio? 2) If passing through a seconary disk as well, can this somehow be detected when booting directly into the primary bootdisk? 3) Any Windows registration issue as the hardware will be different when booting directly vs. booting as VM? 4) How did you succeed to disable your 2nd GPU? In the "normal" case, Windows would just have access to everything, right? I.e., all USB ports, all GPUs, etc. 5) Does this also work for a Mac VM? This is really cool and I had no idea that this would work.
  9. Thanks for your message, this is helpful. I've tried to install the Asus software in my Windows VM, but it didn't work. Is this possible to do with a VM (image) or only if the VM is baremetal? What would I need to passthrough to the VM? The fans? If so, how can this be done?
  10. Fully understood. I'd also welcome a Mylar 3 docker (or seeing this one updated from 2 to 3), but of course understand time constraints and potentially limited interest.
  11. I changed my fans and now have RGB ones. A bit too colorful for me, so I am looking to change them to a more neutral color or even turn the LEDs off. Wondering whether there is some docker or plugin that allows me to control the RGB fans? I have a ASUS x299-a mobo.
  12. Thanks. I installed it, but not fully clear to me what it does and how I get to the list of duplicate files. Is this looking more broadly for "real" duplicates? I am looking for files with same folder/file name across disks (that then only show up once when in same user share). Thanks!
  13. You sure about the "fix common problems" plugin? I suspect I have duplicates (same file on different disks, shows up once in user share). What's the best way to look into this?
  14. Any thoughts? @SpaceInvaderOne, maybe a chance for a video with instruction?