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  1. Yes, working now. You fixed something for my account in the backend?
  2. Thanks. Please see below: <-----UNRAID-API-REPORT-----> SERVER_NAME: Tower ENVIRONMENT: production UNRAID_VERSION: 6.10.0 UNRAID_API_VERSION: 2.46.3 (running) NODE_VERSION: v14.15.3 API_KEY: valid MY_SERVERS: authenticated MY_SERVERS_USERNAME: steve1977 RELAY: connected MOTHERSHIP: ok ONLINE_SERVERS: Tower OFFLINE_SERVERS: HAS_CRASH_LOGS: no </----UNRAID-API-REPORT----->
  3. Post below says that I need to link my Unraid server to my forum account and that's why I cannot post in the myserver forum. I am signed into though, so not sure why that's the case? My forum username shows up on the top-left of the Unraid GUI. I can access "My Servers" when logged into the forum and see my server. Any idea why I cannot post in the myserver part of this forum?
  4. Looking for advice how to set up pinning and isolation for my 10980XE with 18 Cores (and same for another server with 5950X with 16 Cores). 1 x Windows 11 Gaming VM (with Nvidia passthrough) 1 x Windows 11 Gaming VM (with Nvidia passthrough) 1 x Windows 11 VM Plex Roonserver 8 other Dockers (arrs, etc.) My current thinking is: 6 Cores dedicated to each gaming VM 2 Cores dedicated to the 3rd VM 2 Cores dedicated to Plex & Roon 1 Core dedicated to all other dockers 1 Core not dedicated (left for Unraid) Isolated 13 Cores (the 12 for gamings VMs and 1 left for Unraid) Any thoughts whether this makes sense?
  5. I have a VM running, set up with i440fx and USB 2.0 (EHCI). I understand that Q35 and USB 3.0 (qemu XHCI) is recommended as most modern. Any suggestion how to make such update for an existing VM? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! It indeed seems a known issue. Hope it will eventually get fixed. Ant thoughts on my other issue with "logs" for VMs not showing up when selecting in Unraid?
  7. Thanks for your help. The "PC Health Check APP" says that I meet all requirements for WIndows 11. However, the Windows Update menu says that I do not meet the minimum requirements. Could it be related to the other issue with my log file? I had also attached a diagnostic log in the earlier message that may help troubelshooting.
  8. I upgraded to 9.10. After some initial problems, it is working now. However, there are a few things that are not yet working. Would be great to get your help! 1) Cannot upgrade my VM to Windows 11. I changed bios to ovmf-tpm. However, Windows 10 still states that my PC does not meet the minimum requirements. 2) VM works per se, but when I select the log, I get an error message (502 Bad Gateway)
  9. I just replaced the key and now things seem to be working, Thanks for the help in this forum!
  10. Now I got to the GUI, but seeing the "GUID error". I guess I can fix this with what is described above. I am also seeing a screen saying "purchase key", so I guess I need to somehow fix this as well? Any thoughts above?
  11. Seems I was facing same situation as you do. This is really a pity as Unraid had been working well for many years prior to the upgrade. I tried to run "disk utility", but this did not show any error and didn't change anything. I then followed your instruction above. Created a new USB device with the usb creator and copied the config folder. It boots and shows more lines. It stops at "vgaarb: changed VGA decodes: olddecodes=io+mem,decodes=io+mem:owns=io+mem Any thoughts?
  12. Unfortunately, disk utility (Mac) didn't show any errors. What do you mean by "simply rewriting the flash drive"? You suggesting I delete the files and then copy them back on? Or even format the USB?
  13. Thanks. Unfortunately, still not working. I ran disk utility, which immediately finished without errors. But issue persits.
  14. Thanks! Coincidence that it stopped working right after the update reboot? Any chkdsk option on Mac?