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  1. Quick follow-up on anyone experience with Readarr? If not, any thoughts whether there is somewhere a Lazylibrarian forum to get some help. I am facing a few issues: many (but not all) books are not identified after download and thus not moved. Don't know how to manually add them. Many duplicate downloads.
  2. Things used to work, but now it's broken for me. Maybe because of a recent docker update? I can access the MBZ main site and can also search for artist. When selecting the artist, I receive an error message. Error in log: 2019-06-07 14:30:47.361 CST [424] ERROR: column ac.edits_pending does not exist at character 414 Error on site: Error message: (No details about this error are available) Request data: $VAR1 = { 'query_parameters' => {}, 'body_parameters' => {} };
  3. Thanks. The disk is visible again. Let's see whether the data rebuild completes. Understand from you that there may be some cabling issue, but no evidence of any harddisk failure, right?
  4. Done, see log. Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20190529-1230.zip
  5. Shut down and put all cables back in. Now it seems to be even worse as the file system cannot be read anymore. See log attached. Any more thoughts? tower-diagnostics-20190529-1141.zip
  6. Thanks. Disk 13 is not the new disk. Let me look into it. I am still a bit worried that I am adding too many TB to one SATA controller. Had issue before when upgrading disks though I remember from forum conversation that this is not seen as a potential issue.
  7. Can you see from the log, which cable is it? The cable should be fine though as it has been perfectly working with the replaced disk (which was working well). I can plug the cable better in again and try again. Question though is whether I can shut down the server and then restart the rebuild?
  8. I'm planning to upgrade one of my disks from 6TB to 10TB. Unfortunately, it is super slow and would take 200 days to complete... Attached the log. Any thoughts? tower-diagnostics-20190529-1101.zip
  9. How many GPUs do you have? I have the same issue. Everything works as long as i have only one GPU. I can pass it through. Once i add a second GPU to my mobo (not even using it for anything), the first one no longer passes through.
  10. I've been playing around a bit with LL and didn't find it as easy to use compared to Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr. Maybe because I am just too used to the beauty of the three "rr". I've noticed though that there is development of "Readarr" (https://github.com/tingtom/Readarr). Anyone has experience using Readarr and/or any plans for a docker?
  11. I followed the link, which elaborates how it can be a "digital media renderer" (DMR), which basically is a client. It also mentions the word digital media server (DMS), but it says that it does not support it. There was some development in 2013, which seems didn't go anywhere? My take-away is that this project is largely about being a client (for UPNP, spotify, radio, etc.). Through additional add-ons, this client can also stream content to other devices. It does not have a server feature though. Is this a correct conclusion?
  12. Thanks. I am still not clear what Mopidy actually is. Is it a music server or a a music client? Can my DLNA client access the mopidy music server?
  13. I am having the same question. I'd prefer to use LS docker for LL, but am not sure whether it allows to serve my purpose of hosing my ebooks in my network (via OPDS). Would I need Calibre for this? Could I use Ubooquity (which I already use for comics). Or even easiest to just use LL, which seems to include some form of OPDS implementation itself? If I were to go the calibre route, which docker will include the latest?
  14. Thanks @knex666 for the development of this docker. I have some rather basic questions. I checked out mopidy web-site, your git and read through various forums. It seems to me that my questions may be too basic to be discussed anywhere 1) What is mopidy actually good for and how is this different from a DLNA server? 2) I am a very active user of DLNA, but Unraid lacks a good dlna server docker. Can I use mopidy instead of a dlna server? I.e., can my dlna clients access my local music files available on mopidy? 3) What additional features do icecast and snapcast provide? Are both supported with Unraid? What's the pulseaudio issue? 4) In what way is multi-room audio supported? You mention that you have chromecast devices? How do they interact with mopidy?