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  1. Sorry to follow up, but really love to get this solved. Any more insights after me deleting the cfg files and the updated diagnostic file?
  2. Just deleted the cfg files and also untoggled and toggled on user shares. Still not showing up. Attached an updated diagnostic log. Any additional thoughts?
  3. It may be the easiest way to delete cfg files. I understand that my diagnostic file is not as good to read for you as it is bloated with all dated cfg files. Let me fix this and send a new diagnostic file.
  4. What you mean by "if the top level folder relating to that share exists on a pool"? I only tried with one pool device (called test). The folder called "appdata" only exists on this pool device. Let me try to toggle on and off. It is really odd that it doesn't work. Shall I delete all cfg files from the flash disk. Will it remap existing user shares from the array upon restart? Thanks again. Would really love to get this working. It's a huge benefit to have pool devices being user shares.
  5. Any thoughts on above? I removed both cache & pool devices. And re-added a new one. Tried different disks and also different names. But under no circumstances, the folders from the pool device show up as user share. You sure it is feasible and any idea what I can do to further troubleshoot?
  6. See below from global sharing setting. Cache / pool disk doesn't show up in the list. Are you sure that cache/pool disks can be part of user shares?
  7. Maybe one interesting observation that can help point to the issue. When I select a usershare (e.g., Movies) and go to the settings. I can select a drop-down menu called "included disks". This allows me to select/unselect all disks that are part of the array. It does not allow me to select the cache disk. Are you sure that folders on the cache disk can be included in a user share?
  8. Same issue with files on cache drive not showing up under user share.
  9. I jo longer have pool, but the disk is allocated to cache. Still same issue (screenshot above). Any idea of a “fix” that i can get my docker back. Unraid is broken for me now
  10. Yes, it points to cache, but shows pool in the overview. If you check one of my earlier posts with screenshots, there was the same inconsistency. Setting is XXX, but overview says YYY. Maybe a bug?
  11. I removed the pool device and added the disk as cache disk. Still facing issues. Maybe some bug? See below screenshot referring to the pool device although it was removed:
  12. What's the difference between "cache" and "pool"? Why do both exist? You suggesting that I now eliminate the pool device and add the same disk as pool? I removed it because I thought UD is a better / cleaner solution. Also didn't like it being called "cache", which implied something that I was not using it for.
  13. Thanks. I only have around 20 user shares (maybe even less). No idea why it shows 100+. I know the risk of showing both disk and user shares, so don’t copy among them. I like both as i do some manual clean-up copying things from one disk to another disk. I do this within a windows vm. The user share is needed for my radarr and plex dockers as library folders. User shares seem to work on all array disks, but not from the “pool device”. I’m still confused that i have a cache device with no disk allocated to it. And you can see from the screenshots above that cache is still somehow used by unraid. Any idea how to fix my unraid again? It’s now really broken as my dockers don’t work.
  14. Actually not. It is still broken... No folder from the pool disk shows up under user shares. Upon restart, Unraid recreated an appdata folder on a different drive and that's why I thought it solved it. It seems there are a few issues now: * Folders on my pool disk do not show up under user share * After re-adding a docker, all settings have been lost Any thoughts. I am attaching yet another diagnostics log, just in case.
  15. I restarted Unraid and now the appdata folder shows up in user shares. What is odd that "domains" still shows as "prefer:cache" instead of "prefer:pool" although I don't have a pool disk (it's unassigned).
  16. Do you think me calling it "pool" broke it? The user share page looks good. All user shares are shown. But only those from disk shares and not the one from the pool device.
  17. Also, I tried to re-add my dockers as you had suggested above. Unfortunately, all my settings have been lost. See updated diagnostic below.
  18. And here we go with the diagnostic file.
  19. Thanks. I think I am gradually getting there. I have now created a new pool (called Pool). I left "cache" unchanged and no disk assigned. I have manually called all appdata folders to the new pool disk. Also created a system folder and manually copied the docker.img file there. However, I cannot see the folders on the pool disk under my user shares. Neither in the Unraid GUI nor when using putty. Any thoughts?
  20. I stopped the array. There is a section called "Pool Devices" and underneath it says "Device" and underneath "Cache". The identifcation and unassigned. I used the drop-down to select my UD. And then started the array. Also, what about my other questions? How do you suggest to set the location of docker vidsk and libvirt? /mnt/user/sytem? What is cache-prefer and how to set it?
  21. Ok, I reversed the change I did and my dockers and VMs are back. So, that's good. Currently, most of my docker containers are on an UD. This is the disk that I wanted to change to pool. I just assigned it, so thought this was all what was needed. How do you suggest to set the location of docker vidsk and libvirt? /mnt/user/sytem? What is cache-prefer and how to set it? Do I have to reinstall all docker containers or can I move it? I am worried to lose data.
  22. And here we go with the diagnostic. I made what seems the "obvious" changes. Both Dock and VM tabs are showing up. VM shows 2 of my 3 VMs (one disappeared). Docker does not show any docker container anymore. Any thoughts?
  23. Yes, they point to the UD. What would be obvious? /mnt/user//VM/libvirt.img and the equivalent for docker?
  24. Can send diagnostic shortly. Change is that I changed my "docker disk" from UD to Pool. So, not surprising that it no longer starts up docker and VM, but need to find the right setting and default to fix this.