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  1. So I'm still experiencing the issue with Plex buffering while the mover service is running. I did notice when performing iotop command, that shfs is utilizing ~95% IO when mover is running. Is this to be expected? My Plex app directory is located on it's own separate Unassigned Device share, and transcoding directory is set to /tmp BTW. *** Update *** Once the mover process finished, I have very negligible I/O usage.
  2. In my case my Plex container is using 6/18, 7/19, 8/20, 9/21, 10/22, and 11/23, which I do not have pinned to any other containers or VMs. I just don't recall this happening a couple of versions ago.
  3. It seems that if the video file still resides on the cache drive it streams fine, however if the file has been moved to the array, then I have the lockup/buffering issue while the mover service is running. That would seem to point to Disk I/O contention on the array, not sure.
  4. I typically don't have any issues streaming while Plex is scanning/updating my library either. I haven't noticed any high CPU, RAM, or Disk I/O utilization. I'll have to look more closely at the CPU I/O wait, and see if that's happening with me as well.
  5. I do have mover scheduled to run very early in the morning, however I did a lot of downloading recently and manually kicked of the process in the early evening to free up space on my cache drive.
  6. I am experiencing this issue as well. All Plex streams essentially lockup while the mover service runs. The streams are stuck on buffering, it may play for a second or two and then buffers again. I am using a GTX 1050 with HW transcoding enabled, however I was experiencing this issue prior to installing the GPU. My issue started maybe a month ago or so. Currently running Unraid v. 6.7.1-rc1. Plex is mapped to RAM for transcoding. I may try downgrading to a stable version prior to 6.7.0 to see if that helps.