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  1. I have no experience with php and Unraid plugin development, but I imagine the difficult thing would be to automatically detect ports where currently no device is connected, since there are no folders for those in the directories.
  2. Interesting. Last time I searched the forum I did not find this. It does however appear to work on a per device basis, as in you can define what actions shoud be taken if a certain device is detected, no matter the physical port. This method targets ports instead. So you could do something like attach the USB device to VM1 if inserted into port 1 and attach it to VM2 if inserted into port 2. That does not currently seem possible with that plugin.
  3. Hello, I want to demonstrate a method of enabling USB hotplugging on specific USB ports to specific VMs, that is only active while the VM is running. The behaviour is the similar to USB controller passthrough, but is applied to specific USB ports rather than all ports on the controller. It does not require passthrough or VFIO binding of the controller to which the port belongs. It can thus be used for USB ports connected to the controller that hosts the Unraid USB Drive. Calling this method "USB port passthrough" would be a fitting description of the behaviour, but this is not what is act
  4. I set both VMs to 6GB now and adjusted the windows pagefile settings. So far it seems to work. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Hi, I am new to Unraid and currently trying to set up two Win10 gaming VMs on my system. System specs: CPU: Ryzen 1700X RAM: 16GB Mobo: AsRock X370 Professional Gaming GPU 1: GTX 1080ti (for VM 1) GPU 2: RX 480 (for VM 2) PSU: beQuiet! 850W DPP 11 Unraid Version: 6.7.0-rc6 Plugins: Unassigned Devices (ver 2019.03.30) Community Applications (ver 2019.03.30a) Fix Common Problems (ver 2019.03.26) SwapFile (ver 2015.09.21) set to 16GB on the Array Tips and Tweaks (ver 2019.03.29) Dockers: binhex-krus