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  1. Had the same issue, you need to edit that line and replace "-f16" with "-f14". Install works great after this edit. Github probably modified its HTML.
  2. Thanks @Squid @ijuarez & @binhex just as many concrete reasons as I've seen elsewhere haha, thanks anyway I ended up installing the official version for now. I figured it might be the one supported for the longest. I will update this post if I decide to switch for some reason.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently transitioning from a dedicated Plex (+CouchPotato,+Sonarr,+Jackett,+Transmission) server to unRAID. I have installed the Community Applications plugin and searched for the relevant plugins. However, I am completely lost as there are so many plugins doing seemingly the same thing. Let's take Plex for example, there is: binhex plex (binhex) plex (linuxserver) Plex Media Server (plexinc) PlexMediaServer (limetech) The case is similar with the other plugins I wish to use (usually there is a binhex version and a lin