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  1. Had the same issue, you need to edit that line and replace "-f16" with "-f14". Install works great after this edit. Github probably modified its HTML.
  2. Thanks @Squid @ijuarez & @binhex just as many concrete reasons as I've seen elsewhere haha, thanks anyway I ended up installing the official version for now. I figured it might be the one supported for the longest. I will update this post if I decide to switch for some reason.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently transitioning from a dedicated Plex (+CouchPotato,+Sonarr,+Jackett,+Transmission) server to unRAID. I have installed the Community Applications plugin and searched for the relevant plugins. However, I am completely lost as there are so many plugins doing seemingly the same thing. Let's take Plex for example, there is: binhex plex (binhex) plex (linuxserver) Plex Media Server (plexinc) PlexMediaServer (limetech) The case is similar with the other plugins I wish to use (usually there is a binhex version and a linuxserver one). Are there any differences between those plugins? Have I missed a place summarising those differences? I tried searching on Google and the forum. Each tutorial seems to have its own preference without saying why, and the official threads do not outline any differences. Could you please help me figure out which versions to install? Thanks a lot. (I hope I'm posting in the right category)