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  1. Hello! I've seen similar questions posted here, but they were from last year and were marked *fixed* on the github. It seems that every time my container restarts, it resets all of its configs to default values. Save location, user authentication, "execute command on completion" -- everything. This leads to all downloads getting dumped into the /config/ directory, which is undesirable. Looking through the Unraid Dashboard logs, I see that the OpenVPN and qBittorrent incoming ports seem to mismatch every half-hour, and are marked for reconfigure, but that's the only t
  2. I've been having trouble updating my Radarr image from the GUI. The logs fail with this error: "Error occurred while executing task ApplicationUpdate: Error: SecureChannelFailure (The authentication or decryption has failed.)" Please let me know either what additional info is needed or how to manually update the package. Thank you very much!