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  1. Well, with my recent attempt it has some - it can't start.
  2. I'm also interested in the step-by-step instruction please...
  3. Well, my mini-pc doesn't allow to use external video card so I can only use video form CPU (Intel 4-th gen). No way to get the drivers for my case?
  4. Yup. The problem was that Unraid.USB.Creator.Win32-1.5b.exe is unable to recognize my Cyrilic username in the path. I guess that should be fixed.
  5. The problem is that Plex is not good DLNA. It can't hadnle for avi and m2ts-files! Is there other DLNA-server that can be installed on unRAID? I don't need DLNA-server with transcoding - DLNA is needed just to share media files on my TV. Is it possible to solve via unRAID? Thank you!
  6. Hello! Guys, I'm wondering is there any way to use unRAID with only one HDD? The problem is that my mini-pc is designed to install only one hard drive... :-( Thank you!
  7. So, till now is there a way to change resolution somehow under 6.6.x version?
  8. I'm sorry but when I'm trying to install unRAID via Unraid.USB.Creator.Win32-1.5b.exe utility I got the error: How to fix it please?
  9. So you offer to use the flash drive as the only boot device all the time and this will be ok as it takes no so much write operations, correct? But what about boot speed: SSD is much faster than a flash drive... ?
  10. Hi there! At the instruction it's siad about USB device being as main container device for unRAID. Is there a possibility to install it on SSD/HDD for example? Thank you!