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  1. Trying to run your killing floor server. Its working well! However I have noticed something weird. I can connect to the server by looking on the lan in server browser, and I can connect to it using the internet server browser. I can not connect to it using open {localIP} or open {using my} it says the connection has been lost. I have port 7777 open. Even weirder is that I can access the webadmin remotely by going to I had to change the port for webadmin to 3596 because 8080 was in use. Any ideas?
  2. Hello, im having some trouble with my killing floor 2 server. I can see and connect to the server on my LAN, however when I try to connect via internet (dicrectly to my IP) im getting no luck. Also, cant see the server in the server browser. However, I can connect to the webadmin over the internet (using port 3596). Any ideas? all ports are forwarded through my unifi controller.
  3. Hello, can you make a server container for Pirates Vikings and Knights? It runs on source engine. Thanks!
  4. Hello - I was having an issue were all my docker containers were saying update ready. I was using PI Hole and when I switched to google DNS it returned to normal. Also my plex server was not recognizable to anyone anymore even on LAN. thanks for the tip and sorry for the necro. Hope this helps someone else!
  5. OK, I guess I'm confused. Im following spaceinvaders video (the one in your signature) he is using HTTP proxy for sonarr and radarr. He isnt using jackett at all but he is using http proxy for radarr/sonarr if you dont use socks for sonarr, radarr and jackett are you not protected like with http proxy? are my sonarr, jackett and radarr dockers exposed?
  6. Hello, Mr. Binhex. Just wanted to say that the work you do is really great! And I appreciate all you do. I'm currently getting everything setup on my first unraid server. I'm trying to use privoxy from my binhex-delugevpn docker to have jackett run through a proxy. However I get a warning that this feature is unstable. I have tested it by turning off the delugevpn docker and testing the indexers, they all failed. So I'm guessing that is good and that the proxy is working? Has this issue been fixed or should I roll back to an older version of binhex-Jackett?