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  1. For the past several years I've been running a raid 5 array with 4x 2tb drives in it, inside my gaming rig. My storage is mostly used for my Plex media, with a few odds and ends. I've had some issues with my box, and one of the drives is failing now so I've decided that I want to migrate over to something dedicated. I looked around at a few NAS boxes, and then wanted to see what I could build for comparable money. Turns out using unRaid, you can get something much better, so I've been putting together a build that I think fits my needs. My needs are mostly 2-3 in house streams of Plex 720/1080. Maybe the occasional stream shared outside our network, likely only at 720, but wouldn't hate being able to do 1080 over the net. Will run a handful of docker apps to handle some automation. Would like to have photo backups save from phones\laptops. Here's the build I put together. The externals will be shucked, and the 3 working 2tb drives from my array will be migrated over. I went with the Node 804, vs. the 304, so that I would have room to grow. I wouldn't hate cutting the cost some if I could do something cheaper and still have plenty of power to handle what I'll need, but am also alright with where this landed. Any thoughts? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/q8bP4q