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  1. PRE-OWNED UnRaid system. Used for the last year as my main home server and learning device. Has been absolutely rock solid but moving into small apartment and I'm moving to a smaller solution. All wired up and ready to go. Just slap your drives in it and press go. Comes with extra drive cages to help max out this case (3 m.2 slots, space for sata drives (not sure how much but lots), and 7 magnetic drives. Will be delivered in original case packaging via UPS ground (or other negotiated shipper). Video card will be removed for transport and will fill inside of case with packing material.
  2. Had this set up on 1 server and did a few scans, it worked great. Went to set it up on another server and the webgui will not connect on either server now. Any suggestions or advice on how I can remedy this? Here is a copy of the log file from one of the servers. Setting user permissions... Modifying ID for nobody... Modifying ID for the users group... Adding nameservers to /etc/resolv.conf... Extracting packaged nessus debian package: Nessus 8.10.0... Changing owner and group of configuration files... Creating symbolic links... Cleaning up... Starting Nessus
  3. Thanks for the reply Johnnie. That looks like a good step to take, gonna give a shot this morning!
  4. Hi all, I have been playing with 2 Unraid server configurations for the last year or so and they have shown great promise but I've run into a wall. Both servers are experiencing intermittent states of no response that require unclean shutdowns (hold the button and pray) Both servers are configured similarly (the only real difference being one is behind a router that has a dedicated OpenVPN connection going) and they both have strange issues with VMs as well. The VMs will suddenly not respond, or will not boot correctly (one boots with no ethernet connection or adapter present,
  5. Haha, well there you have it. I was definitely overlooking something. Thank you!
  6. Hello all! About 4 months into my trek into unRAID and loving it more and more each day. One issue I have ran into is that I get constant notifications for hard drive temperature from my cache drives, which are nvme m.2 cards. It is my understanding that these generally run at a much higher temperature than magnetic drives, so I'm wondering if it might be possible to have separate 'channels' for setting hard drive temperature warnings. So, I could have warnings for my cache drives that are in the 75-95dC range, and my array drives which are magnetic could have the warn
  7. Perfect, thank you guys! The new build will start next week. The old xeon e5 with ddr3 was fun, but im looking forward to this threadripper 2 build and the possibilities all those threads will bring!
  8. Hello everyone, planning my second unraid server build. The first is finally stable and will be passed down to my father, so that he can enjoy the awesomeness that is this OS. I will be lurking on here and probably asking too many questions about syncing the two servers, so that we have off-site redundancy, but i digress. I am trying to figure out the best configuration for my new array. I will be utilizing 5 4 tb drives and 1 10tb drive. Now, I had been planning on just running two 4tb drives as parity and purchasing a couple other 4 tb drives for the array, but i was