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  1. Thanks. Yeah Im far from a linux guru, but I believe that the very nature of rsync or rclone require checks on both source and destination. It just baffles me as to why when I do a rsync or rclone test from array to array its nearly instantaneous, unless it needs to add or update file(s), but when I do the same test from array to the unassigned drive it takes nearly as long to simply check as it did to write the files to an empty directory. Im using --size-only and its all good. Adding or updating files as it should. Im doing 47,034 files for about 296.9 GB. Took time to put it up there, but when the daily rclone runs, it takes maybe 3 seconds. Works great. I use backblaze b2. I'll just keep using --size-only for my local backups. Works just fine. Thanks both of you for your input. Have a great day!
  2. BDPM

    6.7.0 NFS

    Not sure if this is a bug or what but here goes. NFS shares not being seen by Librelec-Kodi. In the 6.6.7 version I could browse and find nfs shares. After the update to 6.7 I cannot. I downgraded to 6.6.7 and was again able to browse for nfs shares. Re-Upgraded and was then again not able. I manually added the export into kodi and it works, just cannot browse for it. server-diagnostics-20190517-1714.zip
  3. If I rclone copy or rsync to a disk that's outside the array, unassigned, it always checks full list of files again every time. Takes as long as the first time. I can work around with size or time only, but... A) I dont know why it does this and I'm curious. B) I'm wondering if there's a better method. I have pictures, documents, music on the array, and a backup drive formatted ntfs outside the array for backups only. Rsync or rclone every night from the array to the backup drive and then to cloud storage. My current script uses rclone but I've tried rsync and get same result. They both copy new or changed files, then check every single other file in the destination. rclone copy /mnt/user/Documents/ /mnt/disks/3tb-backup/Documents/ Sending to cloud storage with rclone only takes seconds. No checking destination again. Any info and/or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance BDPM
  4. Thanks. I'll check out turbo write. Not brand spanking new processor, but not 10yrs. I have AMD's version of core I7. Forget what it was called.
  5. I dunno why I feel the need for 2 parity. I'm new to Unraid. Lol I've only ever run mdadm raid10 and zfs raidz10. Both of which require 4 drives. 2 data, 2 parity. And the ~10tb of available space has never seen more than maybe 7tb. Talk to me... I'm open to change. I do have external backup of super critical my wife will kill me if I lose it data. Offsite at a buddy's house. I rsync to his place and he to mine via VPN. Music, TV, Movies, VM's, Dockers, etc is what I have on data drives, can be replaced easy enough, just take forever. So I run raid array, now Unraid. I'm open to any suggestions and input. Thanks BDPM
  6. Transition from OMV to Unraid going perfect so far! Thank you. Quick question regarding drives/parity. I have a few 6tb drives available. Two are online now, and a third is a parity drive that is currently writing parity. I plan to add 4th 6tb drive in as parity. Currently only minimal data is on the drives. Unifi, and Nextcloud containers are running. With regard to time, which do you think would be faster? Copy ~5tb worth of data over, then add 2nd parity drive, or create 2nd parity first? Thanks in advance for any input. BDPM
  7. NFS... cool I can do that thanks. Found the shared server, just need to figure out how to mount the export folder. Big thanks. BDPM
  8. My OS drive is starting to go out. 80gig probably 10+ yrs old. I'm using OMV right now, but I've been wanting to try Unraid. Is there a way to mount ext4 drive, copy data to unraid array, then unmount ext4? Internal is preferred, but I can put it in a USB enclosure. Or am I stuck with rsync, sftp, etc from outside unraid? I'm sure i could dig to find the answer, but I'm kinda in a pinch. 80gig is failing pretty good in the last 3 days, and tomorrow is my only day off until next Friday Thanks in advance for any input.