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  1. Hi, I just had this issue after updating to 6.9 yesterday. I could only click on items in the dashboard tab, almost nothing was clickable on any other tabs, including diagnostics However, I managed to fix it by updating all plugins as the "Update All Plugins" button luckily still worked for me. I have a feeling it was the Plugin, but I am not sure exactly. Hope that helps you.
  2. Hey, I'm seeing this exact same issue on an unencrypted raid1 cache drive too. My server hasn't been online for 6 months and they have done around 200TBW already. It is writing 5-15MB/s to the cache drives all the time, regardless of what is running. unRaid 6.8.3 Cache1 Samsung_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_1TB - 1 TB (nvme0n1) Cache2 Samsung_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_1TB - 1 TB (nvme1n1) Power on hours ~4000 I've spent many hours trying to debug this so I am keen for a solution too otherwise my drives won't last 18 months.