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  1. Has anybody figured out how to get SMART disk temps to be reported to Observium via SNMP? I'm seeing basically what others in the thread have seen: running the commands manually work and report disk temps, but the temps not showing up in Observium.  root@Tower:~# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/drive_temps.sh ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ01K50: 29 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ02FA8: 29 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ01JAC: 29 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ02A77: 29 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ02N74: 30 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ01GDL: 29 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ02ANT: 27 ST5000LM000-2AN170_WCJ02QK7: 30 Thanks and Best regards