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  1. I've tried the work around / fix. It did not fix the issue. So it's something bigger. I've rebuilt my entire server almost every day for 2 weeks straight with all possible solutions I could think of. Rolling back to 6.6.7 fixes all of the issues. The only "fixes" that worked while on 6.7 was for Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr was to go to appdata and delete log.db and restart the dockers and let them cycle through housekeeping a few times. Plex I had to delete the com.plexapp.plugins.library.db from the plex databases appdata and then readd my libraries and let it rescan and add all the metadata over again. Until you download or add something to the library, in which case it'll die again. For sab or nzbget I'd just delete the appdata folder all together and redo the entire thing. Forcing an update would sometimes fix it but rebuilding it would work for sure for at least another day.
  2. After being fed up with rebuilding my entire build almost daily, I decided to see wtf is going on with 6.7.0 Found this page. I'm going to do what was suggested above as I do not run a Cache Disk (Took it out thinking it had something to do with the corruption.) I'm going to change all my appdata to /mnt/disk1/appdata/ and see if that fixes the issue. -------------------- 24 Hour Update: Running as expected so far. No issues as of yet. Just queued up 1TB between Radarr and Sonarr. We'll see what happens after it's all finished and housekeeping kicks in. --------------------- 29 Hour Update: RIP - Task Error: database disk image is malformed. --------------------- I stopped the Dockers having corruption issues (Radarr / Sonarr) and then deleted the logs.db file in appdata and then restarted the dockers. Seems to be working again after letting it go through its housekeeping, it picks back up where it left off before the corruption. Not sure what's causing it though?
  3. I've tried this and there is a red error stating that the directory doesn't exist.