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  1. I know, but there is (and was not) I did portscans before and after, check all the machines to be sure, dhcp starts only at .100 , etc. I was totally flabbergasted when changing the ip fixed that other issue. So I changed the MTU and rebooted unraid, no dice. I rebooted the computer, all fixed! Strange, but hey, it works now. Thanks a lot for all your quick help!
  2. Ok, will try that now, also, just before reverting, I thought, let's try another computer, what do you know it works from the laptop... This is so strange, the computer having the issue had a fixed ip of (unraid is on, the other day I was pulling my hair off with a super slow unstable smb share only on that machine (.2) I tried all kinds of things I read on the forums here and what finaly fixed it was changing the IP of that machine to .3 and everything started working like a charm... Let me try the MTU thing and reboot everything and I will report back.
  3. Ok, so I reverted to 6.5.3, everything started working normal. Upgraded the plugins (or removed if unused), then added the "fix common problems" plugin, got one more outdated plugin notification, upgraded it. Then I was able to run the update advisor which showed everything blue and restarted. Everything still worked fine. Then I updated and the issue came back. Attached is a newlog after all of this. Is there a way to upgrade to the latest stable 6.6.x, I did not see any other versions listed in the UI upgrade, just an idea in case it would help at witch version it brakes. I am now reverting to 6.5.3 until there are more ideas of where to look. By the way telnet does work fine too (as do the shares), it really looks like it is only the webUI not being exposed outside the local machine, works perfect locally too. tower-diagnostics-20190514-0137.zip
  4. Oh, actually it was 6.5.3, strange that I only got a new version notification to 6.7.0... Reverting now and will try smaller steps to it maybe..
  5. Oh, I had that upgraded to the latest available a few weeks ago. Would you like me to revert and run the upgrade advisor, I just learned about it today...
  6. By the way, if you want more direct control, I can screenshare with you or something...
  7. Ok, booted without plugins and same issue I do get connected and get a 302 redirection to /Main but then it just stays pending forever
  8. I do not have an ad blocker and nothing else on that IP. I have been using it fine for about 2 years and it just happened after the update. Also, I can reach everything, the shares work even by ip address only. Also by telnet I do get Nginx to reply with a 301 redirect to /Main it is once in the /Main url that nothing comes back from it...
  9. I tired Chrome first, then firefox, then chrome icongnito mode, even good old dusty IE for good measure. I then tried to telnet into port 80 to see what is happening. So I first get a redirect to /Main but then if I try to get /Main I never get back a response.
  10. I just updated to the latest version and lost the web UI remotelly. The shares still work fine, no issues there, but if I try to access the WebUI then the browser just keeps loading without ever getting a response. If I reboot the server in GUI mode, it works fine on the local machine, so it is only remotelly that the issue happens. I don't think it is network related since shares work fine and I can ping the machine fine too. I tried to access the webUI by ip and by the domain name, I tried, tower, tower.lan, tower.local nothing worked. Attached the disgnostics file, I am keeping this version a few days if we can find a solution but I am not stuck since I can just go locally change settings or even revert the version if needed, soooo. Open to suggestions. tower-diagnostics-20190513-1705.zip