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    New Nas/Htpc

    Hey everyone I been around the forums and everyone is pointing to unraid as my Os to use for my Nas/Htpc. Hardware is as follows. 1. Intel i7 4960x 2.32gb DDR3 Corsair Platinum Dominador 2400 3.intel Dx79sr motherboard 4.lsi 9270 CV-8i 1vb cache + cachecade pro 5.4x14TB Seagate iron Wolf hdds 6.512gb Samsung 850 Pro SSD 7.850w Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU I was wondering if it's possible to use the Raid card with unraid merely for the caching with SSD and cachecade? Itll host my networks files need to be able to access from Linux/Win 10 and stream to Kodi via Nvidia Sheild 2017 model. I'll add in a 2.5/10gb nic as well if it'll be supported otherwise it'll remain the 1gb port.