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  1. @Hikakiller This works well for 6.8.0 with no issues at all for the p2000. I know this because I own one and had to downgrade from 6.8.1 due to me thinking unraid nvidia would be done as quickly as the release. No worries at all and im all set at 6.8.0 (again). Hopefully, this will just be included in future releases of UNRAID to save future hassles... I cant think of any reason why it wouldn't be. Maybe then some other good work can be done to accomplish other things like maybe trying to fix tables for those stubborn nvme drives that dont pass through worth a crap for VM barebone usage.... Doubtful, but just saying.... If you are using 6.8.1 you will not get it to work until it is released for that version of unraid. downgrade to 6.8.0 Edit: i see you fixed this. Good deal.
  2. @SlrG You didnt misunderstand, I just simply do not have the technical ability/proficiency to upload to the cache drive and then have the mover *move* the files to the desired folder or folders. Im an old windows user. I find it odd that the ftp protocol is now so damn slow, even with an array that has to do A,B & C. I was getting FAR better speeds on old ATA drives from way back in 2002, and this isnt even using any security all all other that a simple port swap. So for that reason ill just pass on ftp for unraid, which is sad, because I love ftp. Who doesnt love ftp?
  3. thanks @tasmith88, but at this point i have deleted the temp app and dont plan on using it anymore until there is better support for it. None of these apps actually read the true temps anyway.. Its all wonderment and space dust with arbitrary offsets. Its not even a best guess, its just a guess.
  4. i dont think anyone is here....
  5. I don't use Firefox at all unless I use the built-in Firefox in unraid gui. But for day to day use, I just boot up to the cli login and VPN to it. At any rate, it was just a suggestion that I found worked for me and wanted to share. Whatever works for you is good too!
  6. Maybe ask around about that as it was literally one click and a reboot. Then I did have to go back in and reconfigure Plex to place nice with my Nvidia quadro.
  7. For those of us that upgraded without first considering we would lose transcoding, all you have to do is downgrade back to 6.8.0. Literally takes 30 seconds and a reboot. Just go to Tools/UpdateOS and go from there. Worked for me.
  8. @SlrG oh well, ill just use nextcloud by itself without an ftp server. for me, its too complicated to get this to write to the cache and then move it to the appropriate share. thanks anyway.
  9. Thank you @itimpi, I have the path that I write to already in a share i.e. I am writing to a folder in nextcloud. Nextcloud is in the data folder which is a share. So Im not sure what I am doing wrong. Yes, total n00b. lol
  10. I would like to setup ProFTPd to write to my cache drive and then invoke the mover at night so i can enjoy the benefit of faster xfer speeds. That, along with SFTP or FTPS would be awesome but mainly, for now, writing to the cache drive would be great. What is the best way to approach this? I have already installed and tested the server using flashFXP (windows) and it does write (slowly) to the array. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. I goofed up and updated to 6.8.1 without first looking to see if this was updated as well. Ill be more cautious in the future for sure!
  12. This is still an issue for me. Can anyone help?
  13. Or, maybe the manufacturer will fix this. Bottom line is this controller is ubiquitous and there needs to be another alternative other than "throw more money at it."
  14. I already have 2 nvme drives and both have this contoller. I was told by @spaceinvaderone there is a way to pass it through using the 'device id' but he hasnt answered yet to explain exactly how to do that. The fact that there was a fix and now there just isnt is beyond irritating.
  15. So i assume since noone has replied to this, that the error is gone? Is this now working and I missed how to do it? I am using UnRaid 6.8.0 and I get the same error as everyone else. Please tell there is a way to fix this now.