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  1. Please mark this as solved. I have no idea why the upgrade removed br0 for me. But simply adding it back in network settings did work. Thank you for the help!
  2. Oh ok. Good to know. Thanks again for the information.
  3. Will do. I heard that PFsense 2.5 I think? was having an issue with wiregaurd. Ill update mine as well. Thank you.
  4. @ljm42 I am out of town for this weekend, so I used wiregaurd to see if it was on or not. It looks like that was the problem. I'm not sure how or why it got turned off. Many thanks for the suggestion. When I get back to the houses I will verify, but it looks like that was it. 2 weeks for something this simple. I'll report back!
  5. Thanks for looking. It would be great to get this restored. I have been without VMs since this latest update.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I did try that several days ago when first looking into fixing this issue and it didnt work for me. It also removed a custom docker network and I had to redo a lot of containers after that lol Here is the diagnostic you requested. Thanks! baconator-diagnostics-20210318-1831.zip
  7. Thanks for the information. Very much appreciated! I will give that a shot if I dont hear anything else from my thread.
  8. Thank you for your reply, Ive been busy not getting any help at all in a thread I posted for this very thing. LOL its almost expected any more. so if I dont have br0 at all, how would me calling on parent=br0 solve anything?
  9. Well... uhm no. If it isnt there for a docker container - how could it be there for a VM?
  10. Per @jonp, I am creating this thread and adding my diagnostics for this situation. Things I have tried is resetting the network, manually adding the MTU for the network card, and manually adding br0 in the routing table. Thanks for any help! baconator-diagnostics-20210313-1154.zip
  11. Thank you but I use br0 for VMs and need it to work as it did before. Im sure it will be sorted soon enough unless its user error in which case I am going to make a post about it and send my diagnostics.