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  1. This dash is really great! I have spent most of the night trying to get it working smoothly and I am left with a few hiccups that a lot of others are having as well. This pertains to these pesky images for VM and docker containers!!! The workarounds that have been mentioned are not working for me. I go into the editor for `Dockers (Running)` for example: I then right-click and select open in new tab for Chrome: And it doesnt go to any login page, it shows the icon! So if this is the case, why wont it show in the p
  2. Its worded poorly. It makes one assume that this is done from within the Fix Common Problems plugin. That should be addressed to avoid any possible confusion in the future imho.
  3. all good. im truly glad someone has it working in unraid. I loaded a basic ubuntu VM and it is plotting 7 staggered plots perfectly with Swar plot manager which is another thing I cant get to work right in unraid at all.
  4. thanks but none of this will work. its best to just go to a VM and be done with the docker component
  5. this would need to be in a yaml file for the locaiton of the executable. how would we do that? I am trying to run a script against this container. So the location of the executable or a way to point to it is necessary. Here is the link to it: https://github.com/swar/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager
  6. yes, this is correct.. I have tried a few different things... none have worked last try was: /usr/bin/docker exec -it chia venv/bin/chia this didnt work. I have pretty much everything else ready to go with this one exception. I wonder if I can point to a networked *.exe to ge this running lol
  7. Where does this actually install to in unraid? I am trying to run a plot manager and it requires the location of chia.exe. Any help would be appreciated
  8. If the node and harvester are on another machine besides unraid, what would the port need to be? It doesnt appear that it is connecting properly. root@baconator:~# tail -f /mnt/user/appdata/chia/mainnet/log/debug.log 2021-05-11T11:50:45.197 harvester harvester : INFO Reconnecting to peer {'host': '', 'port': 8448} 2021-05-11T11:51:19.205 harvester harvester : INFO Reconnecting to peer {'host': '', 'port': 8448} 2021-05-11T11:51:53.202 harvester harvester : INFO Reconnecting to peer {'host': '192.16
  9. I did everything remotely from my phone. Changing it back to /root/.chia does make the logfile appear now. I have no idea why and wish that wasn't the case, but it did work. Thank you for the help! Is there anyway that /root/.chia can be altered in a future update? I prefer using /config... Not a deal breaker obviously ☺️
  10. my config does havce the leading `/` in it. Im not sure where you saw that it didnt? Im not sure how to use /root/.chia for appdata or where it would be moved to. I am not that great with unraid.
  11. I dont see it anywhere. i added more to my initial statement as well with an edit
  12. I cant get a logfile to show up no matter what. In windows it logs without anything but a plotter running In the console when this container starts I see the following: Chia directory /root/.chia/mainnet Can't find private CA, creating a new one in /root/.chia/mainnet to generate TLS certificates No keys are present in the keychain. Generate them with 'chia keys generate' None of my appdata works in this way and I use /config to map my appdata paths. Could this be an issue? Further down in that log it does go to the proper directory and reads my mnem
  13. I have appdata Container Path: set as /config and Host Path: set as /mnt/user/appdata/chia However, I did try it adding the path your way and I still am not getting a debug.log file in the default location of /mnt/user/appdata/mainnet/log/debug.log I am only using this to make plots so maybe that is why?
  14. I changed the URL to an Image. Try to refresh the page? ` logging: &id001 log_filename: /log/debug.log log_level: INFO log_maxfilesrotation: 7 log_stdout: false`
  15. Thank you for the reply. I have tried everything you have there already. At this point, I don't mind it going to the default location. I just need the log files to give some output and then I can worry with where they go. I also added the leading `/` in the yaml file as well. Here is my path setup for it: I have also tried `log_stdout` both true & false Any other ideas? Many thanks!
  16. How do we map log files to say.... /appdata/logs for this container? the template doesnt appear to have any way to see or route them
  17. Please mark this as solved. I have no idea why the upgrade removed br0 for me. But simply adding it back in network settings did work. Thank you for the help!
  18. Oh ok. Good to know. Thanks again for the information.
  19. Will do. I heard that PFsense 2.5 I think? was having an issue with wiregaurd. Ill update mine as well. Thank you.
  20. @ljm42 I am out of town for this weekend, so I used wiregaurd to see if it was on or not. It looks like that was the problem. I'm not sure how or why it got turned off. Many thanks for the suggestion. When I get back to the houses I will verify, but it looks like that was it. 2 weeks for something this simple. I'll report back!
  21. Thanks for looking. It would be great to get this restored. I have been without VMs since this latest update.
  22. Thank you for the reply. I did try that several days ago when first looking into fixing this issue and it didnt work for me. It also removed a custom docker network and I had to redo a lot of containers after that lol Here is the diagnostic you requested. Thanks! baconator-diagnostics-20210318-1831.zip