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  1. not sure what happened the first time but it has worked this time. thanks for confirming how to fix this. its been driving me nuts
  2. I did try this, all containers reported they where updated but when I opened home assistant it wasn't the latest version, I will try again maybe I missed a step
  3. I am a noob so don't understand where I need to enter this fix for this bug, do we know when 6.8 is going to be released or does anyone know a step by step guide what I need to do to get my linux containers to update? sorry but not sure what to do.
  4. Thanks I will look into how to get plex to see my network share
  5. I am pretty sure Plex is setup correctly and for some reason unassigned isn't allowing plex to see this share. if you saying that I have set up everything correctly given I have failed to provide enough information for this to be the case.. new to unraid and different Docker containers I am trying work out the relationship of how they communicate, when it seems both Plex and unassigned devices are working
  6. I am trying to mount a remote storage device so I can use it with Plex. I have tried mounting both via NTS and SMB they show up in my unraid main page as / and when I look for them via my windows machine \\\ I can see the contents with the unraid_share on the web interface but when I look inside /mnt folder inside plex it is empty I have tried directing it to /mnt/disks/ can anyone please advise me what path I need to put inside Plex?