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  1. For anyone else with this problem, here are two things I tried: I changed the PCIe slots on the motherboard! I removed the Coral driver plugin, restarted UNRAID, installed the Coral driver plugin, then restarted UNRAID again. Before I had my Ableconn PEX-MP117 adapter card in a different slot at first and I was geting the "No EdgeTPU detected" error. Today I tried the above things and I now get "TPU found" instead. Ableconn card notes: The card has jumpers to change between "PCIe based" and "USB Based" mode. I left mine in the default "PCIe based" position (jumpers on 1-2 & 4-5). I only plugged the Coral mini PCIe board into the Ableconn card. I did not connect anything to the USB port on the back, nor the J5 header on the board. I'm not sure exactly what worked but, this detectors config is working for me now: detectors: coral: type: edgetpu device: pci
  2. I love that unraid makes it so easy to create a storage server out of almost any hardware and any hard drive combination, for an affordable price! I'd like to see CPU Hyperthread pairings in the UI to make pin groups easier to choose. Physically grouping them together, despite not being in numerical order would be nice. The UI should also highlight the threads that should be reserved for unraid, as I have heard it mentioned several times that the first CPU core should be dedicated to unraid itself. Congratulations on the big milestone!
  3. Oops I've been running 6.6.7 for a while without realizing it! I thought about doing it. But I don't remember pulling the trigger. I suspect that is why I haven't been having corruption issues. I just made a backup of my Plex database and updated to 6.7.2. Now is a perfect time for me to test again as I just begun the process of ripping my in-laws movie collection. I switch to running the linuxserver Plex docker, instead of binhex's (I realized I needed to run that one so I could actually enable NVIDIA hardware encoding.) And I am going to try setting its app data path to /mnt/disk1/appdata/plex.
  4. So I've been thinking. I haven't had any more problems with my Plex database. However, my usage has changed. I was experiencing corruption almost constantly when I was first setting up my server and loading it with new movies every day. Now that I have my movie collection digitized I'm not adding new movies very often. I also limited my Plex to a single movie library. I think it is time to add my Music library again and my paltry TV Show library and see if anything changes. My in-laws are moving in this week, so I will probably begin adding their movies to our server before long. I will report back if I have any more trouble in the coming weeks. @limetech, thank you for working with us on this issue!
  5. Thanks. I modified it for my setup (replaced cache with user) and stuck it in a bash script under /etc/chron.daily, set it to executable and ran `update_cron`. It appeared in the list of daily tasks in scheduler, so I'm hoping it will work.
  6. My drives are connected directly to my motherboard.
  7. unRaid 6.7.1 was just released. I installed it and am going to test and remain on that going forward (unless something unforeseen causes me to go back to 6.7.0). Limetech's release notes have 3 highlighted items on Reddit, one of which was is this issue: FYI I had to remove `--runtime=nvidia` from the Extra Parameters field in my @binhex-plexpass docker. I had previously followed a guide to enabling GPU acceleration. I believe that I only direct play movies so I don't think I need GPU acceleration right now. But I do have a GTX 1050 so I'd like to have the option at some point.
  8. FWIW, I only added my photos folder for completeness. However, I only tried importing that folder the first time I set Plex up. I would like to re-add it someday, but I am trying to keep the number of libraries I have to rebuild down while troubleshooting.
  9. These are good questions, thank you for forcing me to think them through @testdasi! I bought a used Dell Precision T1700 PC and added a brand new Blu-Ray drive, two brand new 10tb shucked hard drives and one older shucked 4tb hard drive which had been in light use for a couple of years. Intel Xeon E3-1226 v3 @ 3.30GHz (info) 24 GiB DDR3 GTX 1050ti 4GB 2 Western Digital 10tb drives 1 Western Digital 4tb Drive LG Internal Blu-Ray Drive (WH16NS40) Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0JVY7H Version A00 BIOS: Dell Inc. Version A27. Dated: 10/24/2018 Only the Movies Library is currently indexed. I originally had 3 Movie libraries (those are now combined into one), a modest Music library, and a small TV Show Library. /media/media/Movies: 4.1 TiB, 1005 files, 164 subfolders /media/media/Music: 32.4 GiB, 2870 files, 179 subfolders /media/media/Photos: 264.8 GiB, 122548 files, 12708 subfolders /media/media/TV Shows: 112.1 GiB, 229 files, 19 subfolders Currently: /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-plexpass. I believe I previously set it to /mnt/disk1/appdata/binhex-plexpass, and corruption still occurred. I personally do not believe changing this helps. I am not sure if this is what you mean but: Sonarr, Radarr, and Ripper are all currently set to automatically copy completed files to the appropriate folders. I almost exclusively acquire media using the Ripper docker app. I do not currently have a TV Shows library setup, so Sonarr specifically is not currently a factor. Only a single Movie library is currently being indexed. Automatic scans are currently disabled on my Movie library, so my scans are only initiated manually when I beleive all file copying activity to be complete. I have added less than 10 movies to my library in the past week. I installed a Blu-ray drive at the same time as I setup unRaid (maybe 5 weeks ago). I have probably scanned about 200 Blu-ray movies in the first 3-4 weeks. I have not had a corruption in the past 5 days since I have rebuilt my database, switched to manual only scanning, and slowed movie additions. I suspect careful use of manual scanning is the key, but my slowing collection growth also means less changes are happening. So far I have exclusively rebuilt my database from scratch. Unfortunately I was never successful following the sqlite3 dump and rebuild guide. The last time though I finally was able to slowly but surely complete the reorganization of my approximately 250 movie collection, so I stopped my Plex docker and manually copied the sqlite3 .db file. Other relevant information: unRaid 6.7.0 -- until I installed 6.7.1 this morning Global Share Settings > Tunable (allow Direct IO) is set to NO.
  10. Could scans occurring while a file is being written be causing the sqlite3 corruption?
  11. I have suspected that as well. On my last rebuild -- maybe 5 days ago -- I disabled automatic scanning all together. I have only manually ran it on a single movie library (I used to have 3 categorized movie libraries). I have not re-added Music nor TV Shows back yet. So far, so good. That makes me wonder... could multiple libraries make it more likely too corrupt? That was part of my reasoning to combine my three separate movie libraries. I would recommend keeping backups once in a while as well just in case you are unable to recover the database. I tried at least 6 separate times, and each time the test at the command line after re-importing the data reported problems. So, I have given up on that process.
  12. I will give that a try, thank you for the suggestion.
  13. @runraid, @Abzstrak: I just installed unRaid 6.7.1-rc2. However, binhex-plexpass would not run due to a "bad parameter". If I removed --runtime=nvidia from "Extra Parameters" I was able to get it running. I haven't used hardware acceleration yet so it is not a problem for now. It is worth a try.
  14. It just occurred to me that I should have tagged him on my last post where I shared more information about my hardware and some of the things I have done to troubleshoot it. I tagged him in that post. Maybe it can help.
  15. FWIW I have only been starting by deleting my corrupt sqlite database and reorganizing my library. CC: @limetech I am a brand new unRaid user. I started with 6.7, about a month ago. Here is what I have tried: downgrading Plex moving Plex's appdata to disk1 + disabled Tautulli upgrading Plex combining 3 movie libraries into 1. I was able to get about a week when I did #2, but my database did corrupt after 6 or 7 days. I have been running without corruption for a few days now, but I don't believe I have solved it yet. This sounds promising! However, I was not able to figure out if or where I could set this parameter. Here is my hardware specifications. I bought a used Dell Precision T1700 PC and added a brand new Blu-Ray drive, two brand new 10tb shucked hard drives and one older shucked 4tb hard drive which had been in light use for a couple of years. Intel Xeon E3-1226 v3 @ 3.30GHz (info) 24 GiB DDR3 GTX 1050ti 4GB 2 Western Digital 10tb drives 1 Western Digital 4tb Drive LG Internal Blu-Ray Drive (WH16NS40)