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  1. There are errors in the log file that I had attached but I do not know what they mean.
  2. I Did a 24hr memtest when I first got all the parts in back sept. but I haven't done one since I finished building the server. I'll do one once I get a chance after the parity check.
  3. I just put together my new serve a couple of weeks ago and started moving data over to it. But the last week it has been acting funny, sometimes it just restarts others a disk error. This time I was unable to access it over the network and when I went to do a clean reboot it froze for 15 min and never shut down cleanly so not it is doing a parity check again but atleast I was able to get a log file this time and notice that 2 of my CPU cores are pegged at 100% This is the motherboard I am using https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming/index.asp with a 1900x tower-syslog-20190208-1658.zip Edit: I am running unRAID 6.6.6
  4. I brought up using the other PC because you mentioned that rsync had a pre allocation issue when using shares larger than the disk and you were not sure if MC would have the same issue. I have two maybe three shares that are larger than 6TB so I would have to manually manage what goes to each drive. I just had the idea that if I use the windows VM to make the transfer I should be able to move the files at 10 GBe speeds.
  5. I mounted a NFS share using unassigned drives and then tried using unbalance to move data over but unbalance does not detect the NFS share. Is there way to move data over without having an allocation issue that was mentioned above? I'd like to just tell the old server to move a share to the new server without using a third PC as a go between as it will slow down the data transfer.
  6. Can't Unassigned devices mount network shares? I am not home now and check but I could mount the user shares using unassigned devices on one of the servers then copy it by user share.
  7. I am keeping almost all the disks in the old server and would like to copy over everything using the network. I would like to move everything using user shares instead of rsync the disks because all my data is mixed up right now because I used unbalance to clear my 6TB disks from the server. I would like to move things over user share by user share. If you know of a plugin or docker that would make this easier that would be great. I know that I could just use a windows machine and copy over the network but my switch only has 2 10 GBe ports on it so it would only transfer and 1 GBe speeds. Basically long story long My old server has 9 data drives with 6 of them 3TB drives and 3 6TB drives. I built a new server and I am using only 6TB drives in it. I need to move things over in a way to keep my old server running until my new server is ready to take over because I do not have the time to move everything over all at once if it doesn't work. If I knew that it was going to go smoothly I would just have swapped out the hardware and restarted the server. But in my experience things don't always go smoothly and I can't have my server down more than a day. Once I have the new server up and running I plan on selling the old one with all my 3 TB drives. My new server is going to have 7 6TB drive including 2 parity drives with room to put 5 more drives.
  8. I just built a second server and I am going to be moving all my data to the new server. I need to keep my current server up and running while I migrate to the new server. What would be the best way to move my data from the old server to the new server? The servers are both connected using 10GB Ethernet and I don't mind the time to move that data over as long as I can keep the old server up and running til the new server is able to take over.
  9. I am currently using unbalance to move all the data off the disks
  10. Thanks. I was trying to avoid rebuilding the parity, I don't have anything really important on the server I'll just make sure I have a backup of the stuff I'd rather not lose just incase. Too bad there isn't a just a button to remove a drive an unraid would just redistribute the data for you then remove it. I've been wanting that since v4.7
  11. I am getting ready to shrink two drives out of my array and was reading through the wiki and I have a question. this is the first step. I am constantly having new data written to my server how do I prevent new data from being written to the drive I am trying to clear and remove? Because one of the later steps says I am removing two 6TB drives in total, I saw that you can only remove one at a time witch is fine. My issue is that a clear takes a very long time to clear and I can't have my server down for that amount of time. What do I need to do to make sure the dive that I am clearing does not get accessed or written to?
  12. I am upgrading my motherboard of my server to a Threadripper system and want to start with a fresh copy of unRAID because I have been just updating it from version 4.7. What files do I need to copy over from the current setup to keep my array and my windows VM , I have no dockers. It would be nice to know there are no remnants of old plugins and files that are not used anymore after the many updates that I have done over the years.
  13. thanks, as far as I can tell a threadripper system is the cheapest way for me to my SAS controller, SAS expander, 10Gbe card, and still have room for expansion. I do make use of the 10Gbe cards as I rip my blu-rays to my server with an SSD cache can I get by with 1Gbe yes but I like the extra speed. I first rip my blu-rays to my desktop and make any changes to the files there and then copy them over to the server. I do this in batches so I am coping over 100GB at a time.
  14. I currently have a Asrock c226 ws with a Xeon 1245v3 witch works great and do not need any more power. But my issue is that I need more PCIe slots as I have filled all my 16x slots and only have 1x slots left witch are useless to me. I have been looking around at intel and amd motherboards and can only seem to find intel boards x-series boards with 78xx or 79xx cpus and Threadripper that support the number of PCIe lanes that I need. It looks like an intel server will end up costing significantly more than a Threadripper server. This is the motherboard that I am looking at because it has 10Gb/s ethernet so I can skip the 10Gb/s card I am using now. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0AJ7955919 with a 1900x CPU as I don't need the processing power. I only run 1 windows 10 VM with my plex server and I do not need to be able to transcode. If anybody knows of another solution that allows me to have at least 3 PCIe x8 speed slots with 1 or 2 m.2 nvme drives please let me know.