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  1. I forgot to mention that I am using Emby docker instead of Plex docker as a media center to view my media on my Sony Android Smart TV and my other devices. I play them only on my home network. So, I do not need to buy the premier version as I do not need the extra features. I used Plex docker for a period of time but noticed that it while playing videos from my server on my home network are not very smooth. Sometimes there will be lags and sometimes the video would stop for no reason. Some videos do not load properly and the picture and sound would be out of sync. Other issues also
  2. Hi there @rollieindc I just wanted to share my semifinal dell t310 I have been running OMV 4 for more than a month with NextCloud docker and Windows 10 VM using VirtualBox without any issue. I switched from ZFS to Snapraid with UnionFS on my 4x 8TB drives (7.22TB formatted) after watching this video TechnoDadLife. I set 3 drives for data and 1 drive for parity. so, I got 21TB of data protected. I am running Windows 10 in VirtualBox to access my files on the server using TeamViewer since I cannot access the server directly because after very many
  3. i wanted to reply earlier but i was waiting for a few things to arrive and test first of all let me thank you for posting the pictures of your server and updating this thread whenever you made changes regarding my server i bought a dell h200 and flashed it with HBA IT mode Firmware or whatever it is called 😅 i also bought sas to sata splitters but unfortunately they did not work so i ordered another pair from another seller which still did not arrive i also bought 4x WD WD80EZAZ 8tb drives from ebay for which made me poorer by $576 now
  4. that i did not know since i still did not get to try unRaid. i always thought that it is another OS like windows and linux and it needed to be installed on a hard drive. i will start reading about it and try to install it on a seperate machine for testing purposes thanks for pointing that out to me
  5. thanks for your reply i plan to buy the redundant power supply + a UPS brick when i rewire the cables to the new location for the server, switch and router which will be under my staircase after reading your posts in this thread i decided to go and buy the H200 for the same reasons as yours and i already bought the SAS splitters cables for my raid, setup i will change it once i am able to get all drives to into the server depending on what i would do with them i also tried to use an NVME m.2 drive using a pcie adapter for the OS but it did not wo
  6. hi i just signed up to this forums after reading your thread i have the Dell T310 too i got it as a gift from a family member who was using it in his company and does not need it anymore, i am still a newbie with these server related topics so i am buying stuff as need my current setup is as following Dell PowerEdge T310 CPU: Intel Xeon X3450 RAM: 32GB ECC Quad Rank PSU: 1x T122K POWER SUPPLY, 375W, NON-RDNT Controller: SAS H700 with 1GB cache and battery. Drives: 3x 3TB Green WD (2x in Raid 1 for the important files