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  1. I'd like an icon for the 1)Istarusa D-314 with Silverstone SST-FS204B & SST-FS303B (Case 8 ) 2)Istarusa D-314 with Silverstone SST-FS305B (Case 4) 3)Istar M-140-itx
  2. I'd like a case icon for the Istarusa S-35 with Silverstone FS305 & s-35 with silverstone fs304
  3. I have to check why it doesn’t work with a non uefi boot
  4. The board has the latest bios update on it. If Unraid doesn’t boot in Uefi mode the nvme fails to initialize
  5. I found that if booting unraid in Bios mode the board detects the drive but Unraid doesn't. If booting Unraid in Uefi mode everything works fine & it detects everything
  6. I figured it out. I booted Unraid in UEFI mode and the NVME was detected. If I boot in BIOS mode the drive is detected but not available to be used for cache.
  7. heres the diagnostics report
  8. The chassis I’m using is a 6 bay hotswap & 2 5.25 drivebay enclosure. It’s going to be a 6 core 12 thread AMD Ryzen cpu. The second server is going to be a 12 drive chassis. I haven’t found a 12 bay chassis with a 5.25 drive bay
  9. I'll be building a second server with 11 data drives,1 parity,no cache drive. This server would be primarily storage & running plex. So a plus license makes sense to get. The first one I'm building is more for ripping & encoding blurays & also running docker containers.
  10. I'm just trying to figure out if I should go 5 Data,1 parity,1 cache or 5 data,1 parity,no cache or 4 data,1 parity,1 cache. I see a lot of reports saying a cache drive is a good idea & some saying not necessary. The chassis I'm using is the Norco RPC-2106. It has 6 hotswap bays & 2 5.25 bays. Just trying to figure out if I want more storage or adding a cache drive.
  11. According to this post optical drives do count against your attached devices storage. I don't see how an optical drive can be considered a storage device
  12. I also just found out that if using an optical drive it counts as storage. So I have to get a 12 drive license for my setup.
  13. Does that mean I can go with the basic license since cache drives don't factor into the storage array?
  14. According to the pro license you can have 28 data,2 parity,24 cache drives. That would be a total of 54 drives on an unlimited license which could only handle 30 drives. So are the 24 cache drives not considered part of the storage array?
  15. I'm looking to build a server with 5 storage drives, 1 parity drive, 1 cache drive. Do I get the 6 drive license or 12 drive? I don't want to buy the wrong registration license for my server.