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  1. Thanks for testing for me, I decided to go digging deeper, and removed every single trace of the docker including the community applications templates and such, then reinstalled and it seems to be working. I don't know exactly what I removed that fixed it, but I removed a lot of stuff, so something was just "stuck" I guess
  2. Nope, nothing changed config wise, literally first run had this behavior, so I then poked around at it, and only then chmodded and enabled validation, but I'll turn it off for now and wait for you to investigate.
  3. Trying to run a satisfactory server, and keep getting: with error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory [S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): Loaded '/serverdata/serverfiles/.steam/sdk64/' OK. (First tried local '') dlopen failed trying to load: Have tried force updating, setting verify to true, even chmodded all steamcmd and satisfactory files to 777. the server seems to be "up" but when I connect to it, it bumps me out and spits out something like: Name: IpConnection_2147478390, Driver: IpNetDriver_2147478407 IpNetDriver_2147478407, IsServer: YES, PC: NULL, Owner: NULL, UniqueId: INVALID Any thoughts?
  4. @peter_sm How can I remove this? I attempted to install via the Community Applications, however it failed with Warning: file_put_contents(): Only 0 of 1 bytes written, possibly out of free disk space in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/plugin on line 299 plugin: unable to create file: /var/log/plugins/openvpnserver But it's still partially installed (I have "OpenVPN Server TUN mode" in my Settings page now, which is non-functional) and does not show up under Plugins, so I can't remove it!
  5. Thanks so much! Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the Microsoft App Store(Windows 10) version(as well as the Portable Edition, and the XBox One, etc), which is a "separate game" entirely. It's a new engine, and the servers/clients are not cross-platform capable(separate licensing as well). It's written in C++ and is a separate entity.
  6. Could you please do an Unraid Docker for Minecraft Bedrock Edition? It's the only reliable, well performing server for Bedrock Edition(Nukkit is terrible), and I've been struggling with making my own container for it(I'm very new to Docker) - I can get it to run, but I can't get my preferences to be anywhere accessible, nor can I get it to be persistent. I end up with folders created outside the container, but all interactions going on inside the container, and it's just a big mess. Very simplistic server, the "bedrock_server" file is a binary you simply run, the settings are stored in "server.preferences" and the default ports it runs on are 19132 (ipv4 over UDP) and 19133 (ipv6 over UDP) As far as I can tell there's no "graceful" way to shut it down outside of it's own console. also here's the official icon for the game, which I imagine you'd use if you do make the docker for it: