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  1. So I have to bring the server down... well hell, ok thank you.
  2. System event logs in unraid are syslogs correct? If so, what would I look for?
  3. I am starting to Get Machine Check errors that haven't been happening before. How do I figure out how to fix them? Diagnostic folder attached. Thank you. asgard-diagnostics-20210604-1001.zip
  4. Thank you for the quick response. I'll look into it.
  5. I recently got a "Machine Check Events detected on your server" from fix common problems. I can't identify the issue, but I am a lay man. I attached my diagnostic logs. Thank you for your help! asgard-diagnostics-20210208-1006.zip
  6. Good Afternoon, I started receiving Machine Check Errors this morning. I installed mcelog and have attached my diagnostics.zip. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on? Thank you for all the help. asgard-diagnostics-20210113-1231.zip
  7. Hoopster thank you for linking those items. Reviewing the items in order. Container Size - Nothing looks like it is unusally large, but here is a screenshot so you can see. Docker FAQ - Looking at this, I do not have anything that directly downloads the the image. I don't have SAB or NBZ. I use Syncthings to do most of that (following the guide from SpaceInvader) So I think I am good there. The only thing I noticed prior to this last one is the docker.log was massive. Docker Img - it is 20gb, the default. How would I look to see if something is
  8. So it just happened again. "Unable to write to docker image." Can anyone help me out with this?
  9. It says there is 60% used. Should I expand the image to more than 20gb?
  10. Good Afternoon and thank you ahead of time for your wonderful product and support. I have a weird issue where my Docker Image will become corrupt roughly every 30-45 days. It used to be tied to me having 2 different sized cached drives, but I just dropped one and that fixed that issue. However I still will randomly have a corrupt docker image roughly every 30 days and I have no idea what is going on. It usually only appears on Monday mornings when I have my auto-update for docker containers run. Granted that could just be when I notice it. I have attached my diagnostics
  11. So I am having the same issue, however I have 149gb free of cache space. I don't even know where to look. I tried going to where it was talking about, but the directory doesn't exist (I am down a troubleshooting rabbit hole so that might not be right). asgard-diagnostics-20200910-0940.zip
  12. I am running this plugin and have multiple users with it. However, I have some inconsistencies with the users. My personal one has the ability to access anything I so choose. However, other users are unable to access certain items on another subnet. Is there something that I have to do within the server config to make sure that all the subnets can be access? Or should I just switch to wireguard?
  13. I am attempting to set this up for the first time. I can access the /admin page, sometimes getting a connection refused, but after waiting a bit it goes through. But when I access the client page through https://unraidipaddress:943/?src=connect or /client or naked, I get "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" [unraidserverip] did not send data. Any suggestions? *NOTE* Followed SpaceIndavaders 2019 guide to set it up. Have it in bridge mode.