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  1. Just set it to max performance.it is Linux managing your cpu under the Hood.
  2. I dont use the same GPU for post and Windows. I got separate cards for Linux and Windows. Have you read the reddit post? Everything is described there.
  3. After flashing BIOS all settings restore to default values, so I had to reconfigure everything from scratch. I use legacy mode to boot Linux and UEFI mode with OVMF to boot Windows VM. Works here as expected.
  4. This is strange. I also had this problem,but bios f42a with agesa resolved it for me.
  5. Do you have the "Unknown PCI header type '127'" error?
  6. I confirm, AMD fixes PCI quirks problem with AGESA! No patching required any longer!
  7. I didn't. Anyway the PCI quirks patch should be no longer necessary since AGESA, as AMD claims they fixed this problem. Yet, this is something I still have not checked. The 2 other patches gives you only hardware monitoring and you can safely omit them.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/ckr5f4/amd_ryzen_3000_series_linux_support_and/
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/ckr5f4/amd_ryzen_3000_series_linux_support_and/ Thats right.
  10. There are some issues, but they do not influent on virtualization and guests. In my case, I cannot achieve the advertised CPU boost speed and I needed to apply some patches on top of Linux kernel in order to make k10temp recognizing CPU and reporting its temperature. Also I have applied a PCI quirks patch, that allows to start VM with GPU passthrough. However I have contacted AMD support regarding this issue and seems they are aware of the problem and the upcoming AGESA update should fix it, so this patch will be no longer required.
  11. I have finally bought a New computer and almost everything works as expected. I will write Some short info about it as well as how to launch virtualization well on Zen2.
  12. Windows sees it as 8 core CPU without HT because both kernel and qemu have troubles with Ryzen and SMT. However New kernel and qemu fix that, but you need to enable topoext. I will write some how to when I find a while.