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  1. Just wondering if i misconfigured something along the way When logged in cpu usage stays normal, a few percent on each core. As soon as the user is logged out, it pins a core 100% - goes away once a user is logged in again.. Any ideas? Previous experiences? LOGGED IN: LOGGED OUT:
  2. lol, well, i think i messed it up by doing that while not having enough free space --- it's completely full or read only, i'm assuming completely full on that 120gb drive.. at least i made an appdata backup i guess
  3. Alright, so i want to remove some of the old ssd's from my cache pool. Currently it's in a sort of JBOD mode but one volume. From reading around, i tried to balance with -dconvert=raid1 -mconvert=raid1 but it just refreshes the browser window and doesn't do anything. I narrowed the disk usage by getting some vm's off of the cache and moved to the array. I got it down to about 150 gigs. My smallest drive (that i want to remove) is only 120 gigs. I assume that trying to make a redundant raid setup for rebuilding the cache after removing wouldn't work unless the used space is less than the smallest drive, right? If it's helpful: Data, RAID1: total=44.00GiB, used=23.89GiB Data, single: total=184.00GiB, used=92.25GiB System, RAID1: total=32.00MiB, used=48.00KiB Metadata, RAID1: total=2.00GiB, used=247.83MiB GlobalReserve, single: total=79.28MiB, used=0.00B No balance found on '/mnt/cache'
  4. that's a whole lot easier and more streamlined than copy pasting random text from old cfg files Thanks a lot! I've got a ton to learn yet - but i learn a little more with every problem.
  5. Hey, i think i fixed it - (i'm sure there's a MUCH easier way) but i had an old flash drive backup. I assume this will only work if you haven't changed your drives since the backup. I went into the backup, copied the super.dat and disk.cfg over to the flash and rebooted. Restored everything the way it was. If there is a better way, please share
  6. In a bit of a pickle and a bit lost I went to add an m.2 ssd, so i powered down the server, installed it, powered back on. Now two of my cache ssd's from the btrfs pool are removed from the pool and are un-mounted. When i mount them and view the files, all of the data is still there. Since, i've removed the m.2 drive hoping it was some I/O error. If i use unassigned devices and put them back into the pool, it says that data will be erased.. i'm hesitant to do so. I'm not sure if it's one of those things that 'it always says' or not. If there's nothing i can do about it by just clicking around, is there a way (since i can see all of the files still) to copy them off to the hdd array and copy them back to the cache once it's "fixed"? Thanks a lot folks!
  7. gotcha, thanks! Was trying to get a little more performance, the ryzen powerplan, some other stuff. But i get it now, sorta brainfarted that it's emulated regardless
  8. Is there a way to fake bare metal and get the amd drivers installed on w10? Currently it thinks there's no amd product installed
  9. I'm sort of lost. After i upgraded, it's no longer recognized. I do get fan spin though. If i use a cheapo amd card (r7 240), it gets recognized in every slot. I did have acs override enabled, that was the only way that i could get it to be recognized for vm's originally -- if that makes any difference. Since, i've reset my flash drive to defaults - but i lost my drives hooked up to the marvell chipset, i'm in the process of restoring the old cfg (which had acs enabled). any ideas, suggestions? I'll try just about anything as long as i won't lose 16tb of data Pretty familiar with terminal, i can get around. 4930k asus x79 deluxe gtx 1660 (non ti) corsair tx850 psu (verified 8pin is working)
  10. unless this is what is happening: RAID0: requires 2 device, best performance, no redundancy, if used with different size devices only 2 x capacity of smallest device will be available, even if reported space is larger.
  11. 120 and 240 As far as i can tell, the two drives i have are striped
  12. Hey all, I'm a little lost - I recently added a second ssd to my cache, this created a cache pool. When I download a large file (happens around the 65gb area on a single download), docker still runs out of space despite the additional cache drive with more than 150gb free. To fix it, I have to run the mover manually and continue the download; sometimes breaking the download completely. Current usage: 162gb used, 198gb free. I've read all over, but i'm not sure if it's definitely what i need to do. They say to remove the docker and reinstall, but does that mean that I need to reinstall ALL of the dockers to correct the issue? Figured i would ask before i have to go through and re-configure all of them. thanks!
  13. Has anyone been able to get this to work?
  14. Okay, that's what I've read in other posts. So as long as the data exists on any of the drives, it'll find it when it's spun back up at drive removal and not 'freak out'? I don't have anything that points to a particular disk, just shares.
  15. Sorry about the noobish question - just recently got into unraid. My current setup is two, 2tb drives and a single 8tb. 2-2-8 Disk 1, (2tb) is throwing read errors. All 3 disks have data written, and i haven't gathered enough drives to start parity. My end goal is 8-8/8-8 in parity. Is there a way to purge disk 1 to disk 3 (8tb) - basically a way to prepare removal of disk 1 completely? I've read on other posts (mostly all from unraid 5), that i could use a 'mover' utility, but I don't want to risk simply overwriting everything or losing access to what I already have on the 8tb drive currently or lose read access to what is 'moved'. I don't have anything really important on the drives, just a lot of data; too much to just start over with Just a little unsure about what i've searched, not exactly sure how to search for what i'm looking to do. I'm okay with terminal and know linux fairly well - enough to get around. Thanks folks