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  1. Hi All, For anyone struggling with then sensors on the N54L (this probably applies to the N36/40L as well), specifically with lm_sensors and the Dynamix System Temp plugin, and the temperatures not displaying correctly and/or settings appearing to 'clear' after applying them, add the following bus command to your /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf file* - bus "i2c-1" "SMBus PIIX4 adapter port 2 at 0b00" Unfortunately errors aren't forwarded to the WebUI on the plugin and for a Unraid newbie, it took me a few days to realise that there is an issue (or bug) with the w83795 driver and lm_sensors/Dynamix System Temp plugin on the N54L where the generated sensors.conf isn't entirely correct causing 'Undeclared bus id referenced' and 'sensors_init: Can't parse bus name' errors. Loading the k10temp driver on it's own for the CPU temperature works A-OK; loading the w83795 driver (sensor ID - w83795adg-i2c-1-2f) causes it all to fall over. I still get a few errors (eg - w83795adg-i2c-1-2f: No such subfeature known) running sensors -s with the lines 65 and 66 around setting the minimum and maximum for the inl4 sensor/value on the w83795adg-* driver but it doesn't appear to affect anything within Unraid/Dashboard. Hopefully this helps someone; apologies if this is common knowledge but Googling didn't seem to give me a direct answer. * Might be worth copying the contents to /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.system.temp/sensors.conf file as well. Edit - Just to add, my entire sensors.conf file is below in case anyone wants to do a copy 'n' paste, although it's worth noting that i'm not entirely sure temp5 is the correct sensor for the motherboard temperature on the N54L - # Set N54L Bus bus "i2c-1" "SMBus PIIX4 adapter port 2 at 0b00" # K10 Sensor for CPU chip "k10temp-pci-00c3" label "temp1" "CPU Temp" # W83795 Sensors for MB + Fan PWM chip "w83795adg-i2c-1-2f" label "temp5" "MB Temp" chip "w83795adg-i2c-1-2f" label "fan1" "Array Fan"