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  1. Unlikely to happen: Putting my broken scripts into a 2to3 converter worked for me.
  2. For OAuth2, the documentation is here: You'll need to follow the Auth Configuration part first on the google site. Make a note of your client id and secret. Next, you need two files in your /appdata/oauth2 folder. emails.cfg - a file with the allowed authentication emails in, one per line. oauth2_proxy.cfg - example below seeing as the example in the docs is broken. ## OAuth2 Proxy Config File ##
  3. OAuth2 Proxy Everything was working perfectly up until i believe today where I've started getting the following error on startup: 2019/07/16 12:49:46 ERROR: flag "tls-cert-file" does not exist panic: ERROR: flag "tls-cert-file" does not exist Zero references to this in my config file (that was lifted from the install guide posted in the OP). Anyone having something similar or some words of wisdom? EDIT (before the OG message is even approved by a mod): fix will be merged in Soon™.